The Internet Is Freaking Out Over Sephora Lotion That Reportedly Attracts Spiders

Sephora spider
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If you’re afraid of spiders, might want to check your bathroom cabinets…

Not for spiders, but to make sure that the lotion you’re using isn’t attracting the 8-legged monsters.

It all started when a review claimed that the Sol De Janeiro Body Butter sold on Sephora’s website attracted wolf spiders.

“If you’re scared of wolf spiders- watch out for these lotions lol. I wanted to love them sooo bad, but one of the ingredients is like kryptonite to wolf spiders! When I put it on instantly one will come out.

Normally I’ll see one every like 3 years, used this and it was every day. I stopped using it and haven’t seen one since…. oh and one time, the spider wanted to eat whatever ingredient it is so bad that it chased me.

I swear on everything. I’d run left, it ran left, I ran right, it ran right. Like it was legit following the scent. And no, the scent isn’t that good, nothing a $5 vanilla cream can’t match.

So yeah, do be careful if you’re frightened of spiders, especially the big wolf ones. Also, plz don’t hurt them if you do wear this & they appear. Use a cup and put them outside. Sorry for a disappointing review.”

And an enterprising Reddit user decided to do their own research:

Well as it turns out, another user claims that the ingredients in the lotion actually mimic spider hormones, which is why it seems to attract the arachnids.

And others have claimed that they’ve had the same experience after using the Sephora product:

Others, meanwhile, see the spider-attracting lotion as an opportunity for revenge on their enemies:

Either way, seems like if you have a fear of spiders, you might want to go in a different direction for your moisturizing needs…

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