Bull Elk Wears The Remains Of Mountain Lion Like Crown

Elk wears mountain lion fur

Survival of the fittest.

Typically when we see carcasses attached to a rack of antlers, it’s normally two bucks during the rut, and the two deer were battling to the death over a doe, locked up, and one died. Then, the antlers of the dead buck gets locked to the antlers of the alive one until the body decomposes enough for the head to rip off.

However, this scene right right here? This is a first for me.

In this wild scene, you can see a large herd of elk hanging around the base of a mountain. But, one of these elk is not like the others. The videographer zooms in on one of the bull elk, and sure enough, in almost a king-like state, you can see the remains of a mountain lion attached to the bull’s antlers.

Like a Viking warlord wearing the crown of a fallen Saxson king. I mean, if you want to impress some cows during the rut, “I killed a mountain lion” seems like a pretty badass way to do it.

Of course, it’s uncertain the events that led up to this scenario, but it’s easy to see it was a brutal fight to the death, with the bull elk coming out victorious. Or, perhaps less exciting, the elk just found a mountain lion carcass and was horned up he tried to fight that too.

The caption to the video reads:

“There’s obviously no way to determine precisely how this went down, but we can all see the result. The mountain lion made a play for the elk and wound up a hood ornament for this magnificent SOB to parade around in.

Call it a hunch, but something tells me this year was the most successful breeding season of his budding career. Elk shed their antlers around this time each year, so he’s about to lose his magnetic allure for good.”

Check it out:

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