“Go Bear!” – Lake Tahoe Man Confronts Monster Black Bear Napping Underneath His Porch

black bear under a porch
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There’s nothing better than finding a good place to nestle into for a nap.

The only way that would be an issue is if the thing that found a good napping spot was an absolute unit of a black bear, and the spot it landed on for the nap was underneath the wooden porch of your home.

What would you do if you heard a noise coming from under your back porch, and when you went to check it out, you came face to face with a massive bruin? Most of us would probably call someone else to come handle it (animal control I guess?), but the guy in this video from Lake Tahoe, California, decided to handle things on his own.

Once the guy realized what he was up against, he opted to valiantly (or possibly unintelligently) risk his life to try and coax this bear away from its napping spot and back into nature. With the usual overconfidence that seems to be genetically gifted to men, this man thinking he has the power to remove a bear from his property is really no surprise.

Without any fear at all, the man points his camera towards the bear underneath his porch, and naturally, the bruin isn’t too happy that its napping place has been discovered. The bear snorts and growls, and even lunges at the man standing at the edge of the porch.

After the bear fights back a bit, the man decides that the best course of action is probably to go up on top of the porch and try to “stomp” the bear out of its hiding place. So, he goes back up to the wooden deck and slams his feet into the planks again and again, and eventually, he hears the bear below getting on up and moving on out.

The man gets over to the edge of the porch just in time to see the bear bumbling and rumbling out from underneath, then not-so-gracefully jumping over some items in the backyard and sliding behind a wooden shed and off the property.

Props to the man for shooing the big bear away on his own. It probably wasn’t the safest of all of his options, but it worked out for him, and gave us this heart-pounding video.

Check it out:

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