Grizzly Chases Caribou Across Land And Water, Fights Off Rival, In Epic Display Of Dominance

Bear runs down caribou

Let this video be proof that you are never a safe distance away from grizzly bears…

Two hunters in Alaska were treated to a display of just how physically impressive grizzly bears can be, of course in raw power, but also with surprisingly incredible endurance.

The video begins after the first encounter of a young caribou and mature grizzly has already taken place. According to commentary, the caribou was easily able to escape the bear on land, running out to what seems to be a mile or so lead, which you would assume is enough that the bear would put its sights on some other poor soul. That wasn’t the case for this beast…

The grizzly starts tearing across the plain toward the now distant caribou who’s swimming through a river in hopes of getting to safety. But the bear shows another trait that makes it king of the north… a determination to kill that will not be stopped. He sprints for minutes without missing a beat, eventually making its way to the water where the caribou has almost made it to the other side but has dramatically slowed down from exhaustion.

Without hesitation, the bear jumps in the water and shows yet another top tier skillset… swimming.

Once the bull notices the bear has also made its way into the water, he picks up the pace and begins separating from him once again, but by that point he’s running on fumes and it’s not long before the grizzly is once again closing the distance.

Eventually, the bear is able to trounce his target while in the shallow waters near the river bank, plunging him underneath and sinking his teeth into the doomed caribou. Even though it was a young bull, it’s hard not to be impressed by how easily the bear was able to throw him around while pulling him out of the water, and once they made it to shore, it was game over.

The video then cuts to a bit later when another grizzly starts wandering over, probably smelling the fresh kill or having heard the commotion. Instantly I assumed the new bear would have a major upper-hand against the former, I mean he’s got to be exhausted by now, plus has at least a decent amount of meat in his belly. But not for this specimen…

He’s able to run off the intruder with ease, putting the final stamp on who the boss of that land is. Truly an impressive performance by one of nature’s apex predators. As if it even needs to be said… stay the hell away from grizzly bears.

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