“Let’s Watch A Moose Maul A Little Girl” – Idiot Parents Encourage Their Kid To Get Closer To Moose At Rocky Mountain National Park

Little girl approaches moose

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure when parents leave the hospital with their newborn baby, the doctors and nurses tell them three things:

-Make sure you track the baby’s feeding

-Keep them swaddled up and warm

-Never let them near a wild animal, particularly a moose, at Rocky Mountain National Park

Does that third piece of advice seem strangely specific? Well, sometimes you have to be right on the nose with instructions so people don’t get smacked right in the face by wild animals.

If the parents in this video were told that third instruction, they definitely weren’t listening when they visited Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park. They decided to put their children in harm’s way for the sake of a picture (that was then probably proudly posted onto Facebook and Instagram).

Despite every video that you probably see online of tourists walking right up to wild animals (and usually paying the price for it), the National Park Service instructs those visiting their parks to stay at least 25 yards away from all wildlife, and suggest that you give more dangerous animals like bears a 100 yard buffer zone.

The lady that captured this video from a distance knew of those guidelines, and wasn’t afraid to call out the parents and their children about it:

“Well, you’re supposed to stay 100 feet away. (The moose’s) momma is not too far away. I’m putting this on ‘Tourons.’

Let’s watch a moose maul a little girl.”

And you can call her a prophet, because what she said she was going to do actually happened. You can view the ill-informed animal encounter, which was posted on “Tourons of National Parks,” below:

Hopefully the family wised up a bit before mother moose came in there and made them feel her wrath.

Everyone that viewed the video on social media was astounded by the stupidity and the irresponsible direction from the parents, sending out vicious replies to the video in the comment section:

“Love how the camera person is just dying to see a good old fashioned moose mauling.”

“It’s one thing to endanger yourself as an adult but to allow your children to go that close is a whole another kind of stupid.”

“Really need to see a stomping every now and again.”

“Everyone thinks they (& their offspring) are SO special & have a connection with animals.”

“Please tell me that child’s mother can at least get some kind of citation for endangering her child for a freaking photo. Trust me lady, your kid isn’t Snow White.”

BOOM ROASTED. “Your kid isn’t Snow White” is the perfect way to diss those parents…

Idiot Tourist Approaches Moose For A Selfie At Rocky Mountain National Park

Shocker, we have located a moron trying to take a selfie with a wild animal…

Another idiot tourist has gone viral after Rocky Mountain National Park shared a photo of a guy approaching a moose in a part of the park that is closed off to people.

And not only is he approaching the moose in an area he shouldn’t be in, he turns his back to the moose (who has its ears pinned) so he can take a selfie.

The park used the photo to illustrate why this bozo did everything you’re NOT supposed to when visiting a national park.

“What is wrong with this picture taken this week in Rocky Mountain National Park?

a) the park visitor has illegally approached wildlife

b) the park visitor is in a closed meadow – a meadow that is closed this time of year to protect wildlife!

c) the young bull moose is demonstrating his concern by laying his ears back

d) the park visitor has his back to the moose while taking a selfie – moose are faster than they look

e) all of the above

All wildlife in Rocky Mountain National Park are wild animals and they should be given respect and space to be… wild.

If an animal is reacting to you, you are too close. For moose and bears, keep back at least 120 feet or 36 meters. That’s more than two school bus lengths.”


I mean, you’re not a photographer, you’re not an influencer… is it worth risking your life for a shitty cell phone selfie that only you and your 120 Instagram followers are gonna see?

C’mon man…

Husband Watches As Wife Tries To Pet A Moose

This could’ve ended terribly.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that you should never approach any kind of wildlife when they are just minding their own business.

When they’re by themselves, that typically means they want to be alone and unbothered. Not to mention, most creatures are terrified of human interaction, so they’ll either run off in the other direction, or retaliate and attack.

Needless to say, I would never take my chances because I don’t want to get sent to the afterlife by a moose at the age of 25. But, people tend to do stuff without thinking, and here is a perfect example.

In this hilarious video, you can see a woman slowly approach a moose that appears to be minding its own business, and chomping down on some vegetation.

The woman is walking very cautiously, and slower and slower as she gets closer, probably rethinking the decision.

Perhaps the best part of the whole video is the husband providing some hilarious commentary in the background, saying:

“And here’s my wife who thinks she’s okay to pet a moose. This is proof for the doctors of what her bodily injuries are from.

Yep, this is what not to do video folks. Moose a** kicking 101. Get on up there honey!”

It appears that the woman finally realized that she made a terrible decision, as she stopped a few feet away from the creature. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see how the situation played out at the end, but I’d like to think the woman turned back around.

Check it out:

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