Vanderbilt Football Player Arrested For Biting Two Bouncers At Barstool Nashville Bar

Vanderbilt football Barstool Nashville
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Maybe if they fought this hard on the field Vandy would have won more than two games this season…

The Vanderbilt football team is a perennial basement dweller in the SEC. They’re pretty much a punchline when it comes to college football, especially after the school decided to upgrade the stadium DURING THE SEASON, resulting in some wild pictures of scoreboards hanging from cranes and football games going on in the middle of a construction site.

Not that there’s really anybody there to see it, unless the visiting team brings a large crowd.

But anyway, this story isn’t just to make fun of Vanderbilt football (as easy as it is to do).

With the team obviously not going to a bowl game this year after tying for the worst record in college football in 2023 at 2-10, apparently players are no longer worried about being on their best behavior. And one found himself locked up after getting a little too rowdy in downtown Nashville.

According to Scoop: Nashville, senior Vandy cornerback Bridges “BJ” Anderson was arrested this morning at Barstool Nashville after biting two bouncers when he was refused entry into the bar.

Security at the bar reportedly told officers that Anderson had attempted to enter with a Gatorade bottle full of alcohol, and was turned away at the door because of the alcohol and his level of intoxication.

He threw away the bottle of booze – but got back in line again. If Vanderbilt was as determined to win games as this guy was to get into the bar they might not have the worst record in college football.

Bouncers at the bar once again told Anderson that he wasn’t going to be allowed to come in, and apparently that set him off. According to the police report, after being denied entry, Anderson attempted to push his way in, at which point a security guard wrapped him up to try to stop him.

Anderson then began to fight the security guards and bit both of them in the process, with police observing the bite marks when they arrived.

He was ultimately arrested and charged with public intoxication as well as two counts of assault, before being given pre-trial release and a $1,000 bond.

The 26-year old senior from Andalusia, Alabama recently declared that he would be entering the NFL Draft – so at least he doesn’t have to worry about missing any games for Vanderbilt.

Sure could have used that kind of fight on the field this season though…


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