Mike McDaniel Threatened To Cut One Of His Former Players In Order To Dance With His Future Wife At A Nightclub

Mike McDaniel and family
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While many of us vegged out on the couch from our Thanksgiving-leftovers food comas and saw a blowout unfold between the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets, Amazon Prime Video broadcaster Al Michaels hit us with a doozy of a story.

There’s a ton of Mike McDaniel content flying around these days. Even more so incoming with the Dolphins being on Hard Knocks.

And while those of us in the know were aware that he met his wife Katie at a Sacramento nightclub, the details were sparse until Michaels gave us the late-bad-game anecdote that is the stuff of dreams.

As Michaels explained, McDaniel was out and about to celebrate a win back in 2010 when he was the running backs coach for the Sacramento Mountain Lions of the United Football League. The Dolphins head coach saw his future wife dancing with one of his tailbacks. McDaniel approached the player, demanded that he stop dancing with the woman or else he’d be cut, and proceeded to work his magic. The rest, as they say, is history.

This is such a Mike McDaniel thing to do. What’s with him and cosmic love stories with astronomical odds? He was a little kid seeking autographs at Denver Broncos training camp when he lost his favorite Charlotte Hornets hat. The Broncos’ video coordinator, Gary McCune, saw that the young McDaniel was super upset about losing his hat. It wasn’t in the lost and found.

Eventually, McCune brought McDaniel a brand-new hat, which led to McDaniel introducing McCune to his mother. They wound up getting married.

Then it just so happens that Mike McDaniel is a football schematic savant, a Yale graduate, someone who had an alcohol addiction and is now many years sober, and he’s winning the hearts and minds of America for an 8-3 Miami Dolphins team.

Pretty fun guy to root for. Don’t think I’ll stop doing so any time soon.

As if he couldn’t be more endearing, McDaniel’s reaction to Jevon Holland’s 99-yard pick-six of a Tim Boyle Hail Mary on Friday was delightful, too.

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