Jelly Roll And Bunnie XO React To Concern About Wynonna During CMA Performance: “Wynonna Is Sharp As A Razor”

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Wynonna beat Jelly Roll to the punch, clearing up what happened during the CMA Awards opening performance.

Over the weekend, Bunnie had her husband, and the CMA New Artist of the Year, Jelly Roll on this week’s episode of her Dumb Blonde Podcast. And while the episode does not drop till later this week, Bunnie posted a teaser clip of what is in store.

One of the hot topics surrounding the show has been Wynonna’s surprise appearance with Jelly Roll during the opening performance of “Need A Favor.” While she absolutely killed the vocals (as always), fans took to social media following the appearance concerned about Wynonna’s health while on stage.

It appeared the living legend was holding onto Jelly Roll for support, but she wasted no time in putting any speculation to rest, taking to social media at the end of the awards show to tell fans that she was simply nervous as all get out while on stage.

While she cleared up the matter quickly, Bunnie XO asked Jelly Roll his thoughts on the matter during the teaser.

“Can we talk about that too? Because that is going a little viral, too, is how Wynonna was hanging on you a little bit. They said she had a death grip on your jacket, but I think it’s really sweet because people saw that you could see that she needed you at that moment, and you just held onto her.

Instead of walking around the whole performance, you literally just stood there and held her.”

Jelly Roll quickly jumps back in with his opinions on the matter, first noting how thankful he was that Wynonna agreed to join him on stage that evening.

As Wynonna had mentioned in previous interviews, Jelly Roll got a private plane for her to make that performance as she is currently in the middle of her Back To Wy Tour. 

“Wynonna Judd did not have to do this. She has said “no” to everybody and everything. Not like in a bad way; Wynonna has just always done her own thing. She’s that motherf**ker.

She’s always had a heart for the broken. She has always had a spirit for people like us.” 

He goes on to say that he was beyond honored that she chose to be there for him during one of his biggest career nights. He mentions that he feels most people are so focused on her holding on to him and not acknowledging how spot-on she was vocally during the performance.

“How are y’all going to overlook the fact that that yeah, she might have been holding on to me…but she was blowing to the heavens. The woman was singing from the absolute pit of her soul.”

Jelly Roll says the same thing that Wynonna shared post-performance, that anything people thought was going on is not the case, and that she was fine before, during, and after she sang “Need A Favor.”

The fact she hit the road right after the CMA Awards further proves that point made.

“I never comment back to stuff because I don’t think it’s worth feeding into. But I had been so tempted to go on there and clear that for her. 

But one thing about Wynonna, she’s a boss. She went straight and cleared it up for herself.”

I’m sure fans are glad to hear from all parties that everything is okay with Wynonna, and she is still killing it on the road. Talk about the definition of a class act professional.

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If you haven’t watched the “Need A Favor” performance yet, check it out.

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