Relentless Mountain Lion Is Desperate To Get Into California Chicken Coop

Mountain lion attacks chicken coop

If you’re a chicken owner, you know you HAVE to lock down the coop. No matter where you live, your chickens are in constant danger, and in my experience, it’s just a matter of time until they get got. All it takes is one night when you don’t fully secure the coop, or you get home too late, or forget to lock them up, and boom… no more chickens.

This mountain was not messin’ around, but then again… they’re an animal that usually doesn’t. When it comes to predators, mountain lions are some of the most known around. They are large wild cats that can kill nearly anything they come across. They carry that reputation for a good reason, as they are elusive and dangerous.

These cats can weigh up to 175 pounds and love to eat deer. Most of their prey are unaware that they are being hunted until it is too late. Mountain lions are able to climb, jump, bite through and run at everything out there. And they will eat anything they can that is an easy meal.

This danger kitty took a likin’ to these chickens. But unfortunately for him, this owner in Southern California knew what kind of country they lived in and built the coop accordingly.

A security camera captures a mountain lion going back and forth trying to get into a chicken coop. The birds sense the danger and freak out, causing the cat to get more excited. But as relentless as he is, he just can’t get in there. A well-built coop… and the chickens live to fight another day.

A word to the wise… protect your chickens, people.

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