San Francisco Man Gives Incredible Interview About “Slammin’ Dollaritas At Applebee’s” During Earthquake

Applebee's guy in San Francisco

This may be an unpopular opinion, but I personally think Applebee’s is a trash establishment. Maybe it’s just the one in my hometown is trash (because that’s the only one I’ve ever been to), who knows, but I’d much rather go across the street to Chili’s and go to town on a “3 for Me.”

And you want to hear a true story that will blow your mind? I went to Applebee’s a few years back and ordered a steak and vegetables, just a reasonably priced top sirloin with a little side of mashed potatoes, nothing special. I order it medium-rare because I’m not a psychopath and it comes out medium-well at best. Now, I’m not a complainer (even when I have a right to) so I don’t say anything.

When I’m done, the waitress asks how my steak was and I give a little laugh and say something to the effect of “it was fine, definitely way overcooked though. More medium-well than medium-rare.” And I kid you not, she looked at me and said:

“Ah, I hate when that happens…”

Speechless… utterly speechless. Like it’s just a roll of the dice. Gordon Ramsey might seriously murder this lady if he saw this. However, if there is one bright spot about Applebee’s, it’s their dollar margaritas, or “dollaritas,” if you will.

Back when I was in college and living off $20 a week, it was the best thing ever to go to your “Neighborhood Bar & Grill” and get ripped on some dollaritas, and walking out of there only spending $6.

I can completely relate to this San Francisco man for enjoying a few dollaritas, given the fact that money tends to be pretty tight for folks in San Fran. When you’re paying $4,000 a month for 250 square foot shoebox, dollaritas must feel like a godsend.

However, I can’t relate to slamming some during a whole earthquake…

Most of us are aware that San Francisco, California is the home of earthquakes, as it’s right on the San Andreas Fault. It’s just one of those sacrifices you have to make (along with, you know… stepping in human poop everywhere you go) to live in the area, so most residents are used to living through a couple of minor rumbles.

Steve Mazzari, just so happened to be pounding some dollaritas at Applebee’s when this recent earthquake hit San Francisco, and he recounted the whole scene in picture perfect form on KTVU.

He told the outlet:

“I was just slamming some dollaritas up at the Applebee’s with my friends, and it was a big one. It was only like a couple seconds, but everyone stopped talking. It was heavy, it was a big one.”

He was then told that it was a 3.9 earthquake, and he responded:

“OOOOO, fair enough that’s a good one. Might be the biggest one that I’ve ever felt.”

Mazzari also discussed how everybody reacted when it happened:

“People were spooked. Everyone had that same like ‘oh is that what I think it is?’ You have that moment where like is it gonna stop? Some people were excited, some people were like ‘oh it’s my first one!’ But people were freaked out for like one second. There was one moment of panic.”

He then finishes off the interview with a spirited “dollaritas are back!” before he shuffles off with that glorious lady tickler.

Legendary stuff.

You can check out the full conversation below:

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A beer bottle on a dock