This Footage Of Antonio Brown Golfing Is A Grotesque Piece Of Live-Action Art

Antonio Brown

When it comes to Antonio Brown, the man is a complete and utter disgrace.

If I were a Steelers fan or something, the nerdy actor part of my brain might’ve tried to rationalize his bizarre, toxic behavior as some sort of IRL performance art. A la Joaquin Phoenix in the bonkers I’m Still Here mockumentary, in which he publicly declared he was quitting acting to pursue a career as a rapper.

Brown’s pinned post on the social media platform X reads, “F*ck Child Support” so I hesitate to even give this guy any play. But I think we all know Brown is a sh*thead at this point. Might as well trash his golf game, along with whatever else is going on in the video below.

Doesn’t surprise me that Brown is ego-driven enough to think he can golf consistently with one hand. What makes this a grotesque piece of live-action art, though, are the other extraneous movements and fashion choices.

What do we have here, AB? What are we doing? Not that I’m some definitive authority on men’s fashion, but those probable designer rain boots ain’t it. You’ll have a hard time with your lower body rotation if those are the clogs you’re rocking.

The pre-swing leg movements, and Babe Ruth-esque calling of one’s shot as if it’s going to be good? I don’t know whether be full-on disturbed, laugh, or just feel a little sorry for the guy. OK not really. Definitely not the latter option. Not one ounce of my being feels sorry for Antonio Brown in any way, shape or form.

If I’m being honest, it’s kind of impressive that Brown makes decent contact with his one-handed swing approach. However, there’s zero chance this guy broke 130 if he played 18 holes with that type of action through the ball.

Folks love to make CTE jokes at AB’s expense. I’m certain there’s something wrong with the guy mentally. But like…instead of surrounding yourself with yes men, being a complete and utter narcissist, and doing things like running a National Arena League franchise into the ground in your spare time, look inward, and get some help.

PS here’s the I’m Still Here trailer. Too bad all of AB’s nonsense is him actually being for real, including his horrendous music.

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