Diamondbacks Pitcher Zac Gallen Owns Phillies Fan With Link To Spring Training 2024: “Get Those Tix For Your Next Game”

Zac Gallen
Chris Coduto/MLB Photos via Getty Images

In sports, there’s always a winner and a loser (sometimes a tie), and Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Zac Gallen definitely won in this battle on social media.

You would think that professional athletes would be “above” interacting with social media sleuths, but that’s simply not the case. A lot of athletes use burner accounts to defend themselves, or if you are Zac Gallen, you just do it right from your main account.

The Diamondbacks just pulled off a stunning upset of the Philadelphia Phillies in the NLCS and are officially heading to the World Series to take on the Texas Rangers.

I’m assuming the fans of those two teams are very excited, while the MLB sits back and tries to figure out how to change the playoff format to ensure the big market teams make deeper runs into the postseason.

Phillies fans took the loss exceptionally hard, considering that they had home-field-advantage the last two games of the seven game series and failed to win either of them after powering through most of the teams they played during “Red October.”

One particular Philly fan was trying to take out their pent up anger by attacking one of the Diamondback’s pitchers on X, but I’m sure he regrets doing so after how the interaction turned out.

The Philadelphia fan has since turned their X account to “private” if that tells you anything. Some screenshots from the “X archives” provide some of the conversation, which shows professional athlete (and apparent professional keyboard warrior) Zac Gallen ruthlessly gutting the Phillies fan that started it.

In one post, the Philly fan said:

“My (man) you were 0-2 against the Phillies! You got rocked in both games!”

Hey, that might be true, but his squad still pulled out the series win, which gave him the ability to respond with comment, along with a screenshot of a link to Philadelphia Phillies spring training tickets:

“Make sure to get those tickets for your next game.”


I probably won’t watch a lick of this World Series, but just because of this social media interaction, I’ll be rooting for Zac Gallen and the Arizona Diamondbacks. You can view the home run of an X interaction below:

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