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Incase you don’t know, Philadelphia Eagles fans are a different breed. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if “Philadelphia Eagles Fandom 101” isn’t taught within every public school in Philly, because these fans are indoctrinated at a young age, being taught to be absolutely ruthless, and hate the guts of every single opposing NFL team out there.

Seriously, they’re something else. And as if we needed yet another example, here it is.

Last night, the Philadelphia Eagles squared off against the Miami Dolphins in Philly. It was a highly anticipated game, considering both teams were 5-1 going into the game and are two of the best teams in the NFL. It was a tight one until the fourth quarter, when the Eagles utilized the infamous “tush push” to perfection, and owned the time of possession en route to a 31-17 victory.

However, the highlights on the field weren’t the only highlights.

Video footage is going viral of a cute young Philly fan being held in his parent’s arms, probably no older than the age of three or four.

A Dolphins fan was sitting in front of them, and when the Dolphins fan turned around, the young Philly fan asked for a high five. But, when the Dolphins fan went to give him a high five, he quickly took it back and gave him the middle finger. I mean look at the smirk on this kid’s face. He’s absolutely diabolical for this. He’d probably been waiting the whole game for this perfect opportunity to arrive, and he took it by storm.

Just further proof of how the Eagles fanbase starts ’em young.

Check it out:

Like I said, a different breed. And if you think this is just one kid with poor manners, think again. Former New York Giants quarterback, Eli Manning, got to talking about his days on the New York Giants during a Monday night ManningCast last season, and when he was going to head to head with a rabid Eagles fanbase, this was par for the course:

“You go to Philly, I mean, you’re gettin’ the double bird right away from a nine-year-old kid. I would give the bird, can we do that? I’m sure you can blur that out, right?

So getting the double bird from a nine year old and they’re saying things about my mom and Peyton.”

It didn’t take long for Eli to get word that waving two middle fingers around on live TV is generally frowned upon. After a commercial break, he issued a rather comical apology:

“Sorry, earlier I gave the double bird, I guess that’s frowned upon so I apologize if I offended anybody. 

That’s just what a 9-year-old did to me and I thought I could do it back, so Chris I blame you for that.”

GOLD… absolute GOLD.

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