Herd Of Bison Stir Up Dust Stampeding Across Bridge At Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone bison
Kristen Clayton

Have you ever seen this many bison sprinting full force at once?

I’ll be honest, I’m used to just seeing one or two bison interact with idiots at Yellowstone National Park, so this video is definitely a change of pace. I’m not sure how I would’ve reacted if I were the person filming a herd of probably 100 plus bison run right by my vehicle.

The setting of this clip is the Lamar Valley Bridge, which is located in the (you guessed it) Lamar Valley area of Yellowstone National Park. The area is actually known for its active bison population, and those that were there to see this stampede definitely got their money’s worth.

Cars that were on the bridge had no choice but to come to a stop as nature took over the roadway typically reserved for vehicles. The visuals of the dust being stirred up by the incoming herd almost looked like the whole thing was straight out of a movie.

And the best part about the footage is that the bison just keep running through one after the other. Even when a great number of the massive, 2,000 pound beats had already passed the person filming, there were still bison running along with the herd off in the distance.

The only times that the bison herd slowed down is when some of the calves got off track and the parents had to push them and/or grunt at them to get them back on the right path.

I would have been scared to death that one of the bison would have run right along the side of my car and scratched it up. It doesn’t look like that happened to any of the cars parked on Lamar Valley Bridge, though if it did, it would be a great story to tell that the body shop:

“Yeah this big, deep scratch on the left side of my car is actually from a massive bison that horned my car.

It was running along with probably 100 others, so I’m sure it was an accident. The bridge wasn’t built to hold that many bison and my car.”

It also just goes to show you that you never know what wonder of nature you’ll see when you visit Yellowstone National Park. Seeing this many bison in action at once is probably a once in a lifetime experience, though I’d prefer to not be on a bridge when it happened…

Take a look:

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