Dabo Swinney Says Team Psychologist Is “Probably On Suicide Watch,” Latest Proof The Clemson Coach Is The Absolute Worst

Dabo Swinney
Clemson Football

If there really is a grand conspiracy of shapeshifting reptilians holding high-status positions of power across the world, Dabo Swinney — lizard-looking though he is — is probably too stupid to join the club.

Pretty much everything this guy says is cringe-inducing. Even his faux positivity. Upon further reflection, doesn’t it makes so much sense that the most decorated player (other than maybe Trevor Lawrence) that Dabo ever had was Deshaun Watson? Color me shocked that he couldn’t see past that guy’s BS. They deserve each other.

Dabo is now being humbled through the core of the Earth after his latest loss to Miami and one of the worst game management coaches of all-time in Mario Cristobal, he’s not taking it with any kind of grace. Again, what a shocker.

You want to try to find redeeming qualities in human beings. Sometimes there aren’t any. In the case of Dabo Swinney, can’t say I’m a fan! Google “Dabo Swinney NIL” and pretty much anything on that topic is enough to trigger any reasonable college football fan.

But this is a whole different thing entirely. Sorry I’m not sorry if you think this is being blown out of proportion. For an issue that isn’t talked about positively enough, a flippant, tone-deaf comment like this from a heavily influential public figure is going to be talked about.

Making light of mental health in any context isn’t great. I understand that the current generation is way more sensitive to that sort of thing than the old heads who are screaming outrage that anyone would be offended by Dabo’s words.

But like…wouldn’t you rather err on the side of caution when it comes to this delicate of an issue instead of having the subtlety of a sledgehammer? I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me.

As to whether or not Dabo can be held to account at all for the awful final play from scrimmage that the Tigers ran, turns out, nope! It’s Cade Klubnik’s fault!

So either Dabo is straight-up lying here, or he’s telling on himself that he couldn’t manage to collaborate with his coaching staff and come up with a better call one yard away from the goal line. It’s a lose-lose. If my quarterback did do something stupid like that, I’d take it on the chin and say I’ve got to be better in that spot.

Anywho… Just another day at the office for Dabo. Clemson is now down to 2-3 in ACC play. Pretty sure this guy is an all-time fraud, or at least, a sort of snake oil salesman. All I know is, Dabo will win over anybody new for how he carried himself here.

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