Young Boy Has Priceless Reaction To Lassoing A Turkey: “I Literally Caught It, Holy Crap!”

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Man I wish I grew up with some pet turkeys…

My childhood was pretty normal. I spent quite a bit of time roaming the small woods by my house, throwing rocks, fishing, building forts, and all of that jazz, but now I’m thinking I got robbed because my parents never let me try to lasso a turkey.

This video comes to us fittingly from a TikTok account titled “ACowboysWife914” and shows a young boy trying to lasso some of his pet turkeys.

We don’t know where it takes place, but it’s probably somewhere out west as she’s also posted videos of her and the family doing all sorts of cowboy things and they seem to be in the horse business, but hey, Brantley Gilbert said country must be country wide, so maybe this was taken in New Hampshire, you can just never tell.

Anyway, the boy grabs the rope and makes a nice toss around the turkey’s body and tightens the rope, which gets him so fired up he gives us one of the best lines I’ve heard from a kid in awhile.

“OH! I literally caught it! I literally caught it! I literally caught it! Oh! Holy crap! How do I let it go?”

I mean come on, that’s pure happiness if I’ve ever heard it before.

This video was reposted to Instagram as well and one of the comments on it got me rolling:

“Do not let your son do this! If he keeps doing this he will become a cowboy, and they’ll never stay home and they’re always alone. Even with someone they love.”

Had us in the first half, I ain’t gonna lie…

Big shoutout to this kid and his parents for raising him up right.

The world needs some more cowboys.

@acowboyswife914 Todays shenanigans… #cowboyshit ♬ original sound – KT

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