Charles Wesley Godwin & The Allegheny High Deliver Electric Live Version Of “Another Leaf”

Charles Wesley Godwin country music
Charles Wesley Godwin

Just when you think Family Ties can’t get better… the live recordings are released.

After putting out what easily is a top album contender for the year, Charles Wesley Godwin continues to bless fans with live performances of tracks, highlighting the talent he processes.

I firmly believe that having a live performance that matches the studio cut of a song elevates the initial rating by at least two points, sometimes more. After mastering and mixing, studio cuts will sound good, but hearing a phenomenal live version of a song will never fail to give me chills. Charles Wesley Godwin is one of those artists that does that each and every time.

Not even 24 hours after sharing a beautiful live version of “Dance In Rain,” CWG turns around to release a live cut from Echo Mountain Studio of “Another Leaf.”

“Another Leaf” was one of the tracks CWG teased long before the album’s release. And boy, did it live up to the hype once the full version came out.

The song has the perfect melodic breakdown that is then built back up after the bridge. The boot-stompin’ beat is accompanied by sweet lyrics about standing by the one you love and expanding your family by “adding another leaf on the family tree tonight.” In case we’re not sure how leaves are added to the family tree, we’re talking about sex, people…

Charles Wesley Godwin & The Allegheny High knocked this live version out of the park. Echo Mountain Studio is special for this group as it is where they recorded Family Ties, and you can feel that watching this. Their chemistry as a band is so apparent sitting in the room for the making of this cut. You won’t want to take your eyes off any part of this video.

Godwin’s vocals are spot on, just oozing unbridled talent, and the band’s electric support makes this one hell of a live recording. It’s too bad these guys look like they have zero fun making music together…

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