Sturgill Simpson’s “Call To Arms” Is Still The Most Bad*ss Performance In SNL History

Sturgill Simpson country music

If you’re an artist and you’re still not sure how to really “bring it” on stage, sit back and take some notes. You’re about to get a crash course from the Dick Daddy himself, Mr. Sturgill Simpson, in how to burn that thing to the ground.

Back in 2017, Sturgill Simpson took to the SNL stage for a face-melting performance of “Call To Arms,” a fan favorite from the Grammy-winning A Sailor’s Guide To Earth record.

Knocking into the cymbals with the guitar head, keys player Bobby Emmett literally surfing on the organ (which Sturgill said later cost Bobby his deal with Hammond), Sturgill kicking the organ while running around like a mad man, and finally the big crescendo… Sturgill smashes the guitar down, scowling at the crowd with the most intense game face I’ve ever seen in the history of music.

And in that moment, Sturgill forever cemented himself as a first-ballot inductee in the “Blow The F*cking Roof Off” Hall of Fame.

The Writer’s Strike is over, Saturday Night Live is back in action, and ya’ll better pack a lunch if you wanna try and compete with that.

Ladies and gentleman… the baddest performance in Saturday Night Live history.

He also played “Keep It Between The Lines”

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