New York Radio Host Goes Ballistic On Giants RT Evan Neal For Calling Fans Burger Flippers: “I Would Cut His Fat A**”

New York Giants broadcaster

The NFL season is already through four weeks of play, and believe it or not, a couple of teams are already ready to implode.

One of those teams is the New York Giants, who have looked abysmal out on the football field leading to their 1 and 3 record. Their defense might as well be a turn stile, and their offense is one of the worst the sport has ever seen.

Tensions are high because they paid their quarterback Daniel Jones a lot of money in the offseason, and that 4 year, $160 million extension is not looking great. He might have regressed, but its hard to tell because the offensive line for the Giants is horrific.

Daniel Jones has been sacked 22 times already through four games, and for those non-football fans out there, that is not good at all. Really bad actually. Maybe even historically bad.

One of the players that is supposed to be protecting him is right tackle Evan Neal, who apparently motioned to the crowd to “boo louder” in the Giant’s most recent 24 to 3 mollywhopping by the Seattle Seahawks. He actually spoke to the media following the game and had this to say about the criticism he was recieving:

“Why would a lion concern himself with the opinion of a sheep? The person that’s commenting on my performance, what does he do? Flip hot dogs and hamburgers somewhere?

And how can you say you’re really a fan when we’re out there battling our asses off, and the game wasn’t going well, but the best you can do is boo your home team? So how much of a fan are you, really?”

You certainly would want your fans to stick with you, but I can’t blame Giants fans for booing their team. At points, they’ve looked like they aren’t even trying, or worse, they don’t want to be out on the football field.

Those comments from Neal really got under the skin of legendary New York radio host Don La Greca, who did not hold back when the topic came up on The Michael Kay Show.

After bringing listeners up to speed on the comments from Right Tackle Evan Neal, La Greca (who looks like if Tim Allen in The Santa Clause had high blood pressure) went scorched Earth on the Giants football player:

“Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? I’d cut his ass. I would. How dare you? How dare you? These people pay your salary, they pay an obnoxious amount of money to park, an obnoxious amount of money for PSLs, to sit there and watch this crap. And you call them hamburger flippers?

What? You’re so much better? I’d rather have a guy that’s flipping hamburgers block than your piece of garbage ass. Who the hell are you to talk to fans like that? You piece of garbage.”

The burger flipping part really seemed to bother the longtime radio personality. It could also be the fact that almost every time New York sports fans have hope, something bad happens, or things go horribly wrong.

Maybe he’s just letting out all of that pent-up rage when he said all of that, and when he continued his tirade:

“I hate when players do that. You’re not above us. What? Because you happen to play a sport, you’re better than me? You’re better than the people that pay your salary? These Giants fans were here before you, and they’ll be here after your sorry ass is cut. 

What a piece of human trash…and I don’t want to hear some apology, I don’t want to hear ‘oh, I was taken out of context, I didn’t mean it.’ I don’t want to hear it. Done, done. I would cut his fat ass.”

DAMN… go on Don. Let this man cook.

He went on to explain how not only are these comments condescending, they’re wrong:

“There are people in these stands who are doctors, they cure diseases, they’re Giants fans too. There are people who are architects, they build bridges and buildings… you block, poorly.

Don’t ever talk to anybody like that again.”

It just might be the best delivery of the two words “fat” and “ass” in the history of mankind, and he still goes on to say a whole lot more, though I’ll just let you watch that for yourselves:

I’ve watched him say “I would cut his fat ass” probably 18 times now.

His co-host absolutely losing it after he yells it (all red and angry) into the microphone is priceless.

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