Neighbor Calls Fire Department To Report House Fire, Turns Out To Just Be Halloween Decorations

House on fire
Glens Falls Fire Department

This house puts the “trick” in trick or treat.

Folks, the calendar has turned to October, which means we have officially entered into “Spooky Season.” I don’t know when it was officially coined that, but it seems like it really caught on in the last decade or so.

If we are being honest, Halloween has to be the most underrated holiday of them all. There’s nothing like dressing up and pretending you are someone (or something) you aren’t, having fun sized candy all over the place at all times, and watching scary movies (though I really can’t handle the trailers that have been playing for the new Exorcist movie coming out).

Despite all of the fun, Halloween is often overshadowed by Thanksgiving, which is often overshadowed even more by Christmas. Basically, Halloween is double-shadowed, if that makes sense (I know it really doesn’t).

So shoutout to the Halloween die-hards out there who go all out for the spookiest of all seasons. This homeowner in New York is definitely one of those people, though their decorations did give them some unwanted attention, and a visit from the town’s fire department.

Neighbors got concerned when it appeared that both floors of the New York home was engulfed in flames. The decor was set up to make it look as though the house was a crime scene, and considering the fire department was called, I’d say the homeowners nailed it.

The Glens Falls Fire Department in Glen Falls, New York, posted about the house’s scarily realistic Halloween decor on their Facebook page, saying:

“Tonight crews were dispatched to the area of Sanford St for a report of a confirmed structure fire. To our surprise this was an amazing Halloween decoration.

Thank you to the gracious owner for permission for posting. This display will be up Friday and Saturday nights for the publics entertainment until the end of the month.”

Take a look at the video below to see how the spooky house appears from the street, and what the fire fighters saw when they rolled up expecting to put out a fire (that ended up just being LED lights, a fan, and a sheet):

Facebook users that came across the post were stunned by the Halloween display, commenting on the fire department’s post saying:

“Wow, that’s insane, how realistic it looks is crazy.”

“I just want want to know where they got the decorations so I can get them to spook my landlord.”

“That’s impressively surreal! Gonna be getting a lot of calls for this one.”

“Might be a good idea to notify the fire department that you’re doing this so they know if they get a call for it.”

This isn’t the first time a fake fire decoration prompted a visit from the fire department.

A couple years ago, a Riverside, California, home found itself in a similar situation:

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