Parker McCollum Brings Young Boy On Stage For Adorable Duet of “Hell Of A Year”

Parker McCollum country music

Something about little kids being on stage tugs at the heartstrings.

Parker McCollum brought up a special little friend onto the stage during his show the other night, which turned into one of the most adorable moments.

A young gold-chained cowboy was asked on stage to join Parker for “Hell Of The Year,” which he quickly changed to “Heck Of A Year” for the little boy…talk about a family-friendly show.

During the chorus, the little boy seems a little shy, singing the lyrics into his mic, and so Parker tells the crowd to keep the singing going to help his friend on stage.

After a few moments, Parker leaned down to sing right next to the little boy to help him with the words, which gave his duet partner the needed confidence to finish the song.

At the end, Parker gave his new friend a high five and told him how good of a job he did.

It doesn’t get more wholesome than this, folks.

You love to see the prominent artists today building up kids who could follow in their footsteps.

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