Sam Burns Was On The Can When He Got The Call For The Ryder Cup Team: “I’m Mid-Poop & I Start Crying”

Sam Burns Ryder Cup
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Tomorrow, the greatest event in all of professional golf kicks off…

And I’m talking about the Ryder Cup.

The top pro golfers from the United States will face off against the top pro golfers from Europe at Marco Simeon Golf and Country Club in Rome, Italy.

This year’s tournament oughta be a great one, considering both the U.S. and European teams are absolutely stacked, and I’m just praying it’ll come down to the last player on Sunday to determine who wins it all.

But speaking of team USA, there might not be a player more amped up than five time PGA Tour winner Sam Burns.

Yesterday, it was revealed that Burns had cut his hair into a mullet, and shaved “USA” into the side of his head in one of the most patriotic Ryder Cup moves I’ve ever seen.

And now, he’s discussing the moment he got the call from USA team captain Zach Johnson, telling him that he made the Ryder Cup roster…

And needless to say, the story is absolutely hilarious.

Burns said:

“We got home from Atlanta on Sunday night, Zach had sent us all a text, like I don’t know how many guys. ‘Okay I’m gonna call everyone in the morning just to let everybody kinda know.’

So of course I did not sleep Sunday night, I was so tired, four weeks on the road, just staring at the ceiling all night. I get up Monday morning, or stand up out of bed I guess, and I told Caroline my wife I was like ‘we’ve got to get out of the house for a little bit, lets just go somewhere,’ so we went to a little coffee shop, sat around there for a little while and then went back to the house.

So I get back to the house, and I had to go to the bathroom, like bathroom, bathroom. So it was literally as soon as I sit down, Justin started texting me ‘have you heard anything yet?’ And while I’m responding to him, Zach calls me.

Of course I had to answer, I answer, and it was just kinda small talk and he was like ‘hey I’m the captain of the US Ryder cup team, I just want to officially invite you,’ and I’m like mid-poop, and then I start crying because he had just told me I’m invited, and so much is going on, so while I’m on the phone with him I’m trying to like wipe and also go tell Caroline.

So she comes around the corner about that time, and she’s like asking me because I guess she heard me on like speaker phone, and I told her I gave her a thumbs up.”

Ain’t nothing better than getting a good news call on the commode, I reckon.

Check it out:

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