Illinois High School Football Player Goes Viral With Homecoming Performance Of Zach Bryan “Something In The Orange”

zach bryan cover

I would say that this kid is peaking in high school, but with his talent as a football player and that solid of a voice, I’d say he’s got a bright future ahead of him.

And though the days ahead will probably be good for high schooler Logan Clough, a senior at Herrin High School in Herrin, Illinois, I’m sure life is pretty sweet for him at the moment. It appears that he just recently achieved the “High School Triple Crown,” since he apparently was named his school’s Mr. Homecoming, he is an athlete, and he’s got this good of a voice.

Shoutout to his parents, whoever they are, for crafting a literal golden child. The guy also apparently plays quarterback when he isn’t singing his heart out covering Zach Bryan.

This TikTok that was posted shows Clough standing in his high school gymnasium, football jersey and all, and competing in the school’s talent show. Part of me thinks that with his social standing, and the fact that he sounds a lot like Zach Bryan, Logan Clough knew he had the thing in the bag before he even started strumming his guitar.

Plus, it helps that the entire gym started to sing along with him. Anytime a group of people start to sing altogether like that, it sounds better, and that’s a hill that I’m willing to die on.

I’d guess that Zach Bryan would give his stamp of approval for the performance. “Something In The Orange” was only released last year, and it quickly became one of Bryan’s signature songs and helped propel him further into stardom.

It sounds like the song also helped Logan Clough shoot up in popularity, even if it was just within in high school.

The winner of Mr. HHS Homecoming, and now, a video with over 3 million views… not bad at all.

Take a look:

And just for fun, here’s the original:

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