Restaurant Calls Out New York Times Columnist For Complaining About $78 Meal: “Bar Tab Was Almost 80%”

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Talk about out of touch…

Everybody knows that inflation is a major problem right now. The cost of everything from groceries and food to cars and houses have skyrocketed over the past couple years, and a lot of people are struggling just to pay their bills – much less have a burger and a glass of scotch at the airport.

But one New York Times columnist apparently thought the cost of his meal during a recent stop at Newark Airport would be a relatable way to show that he understands the struggles everyday Americans are going through.

David Brooks, an op-ed columnist for the New York Times opinion page, shared a photo of his burger and fries while complaining about the $78 cost of the meal:

“This meal just cost me $78 at Newark Airport. This is why Americans think the economy is terrible.”

First of all Mr. Brooks, I think the price of a gallon of milk or a carton of eggs probably has more to do with why Americans think the economy is terrible than the cost of a burger at an airport. Everybody already knows that airport food is overpriced, and for people who are struggling just to get by, they’re probably not dropping $78 on a burger at the airport – or even able to afford to fly anywhere at all.

But second, what’s that behind the plate? It looks like it may not have been the meal that set Brooks back so much, but the hefty pour of scotch or bourbon or whatever that is in the glass that he forgot to take out of the picture.

I mean, yeah, if you spend more than the price of the burger on alcohol it probably does seem pretty expensive. But again, seems like he’s kind of missing the point he’s trying to make when he’s dropping, what, $40 on a double pour at the airport?

Users on X (formerly known as Twitter) were quick to jump on Brooks for the out of touch post:

Absolutely roasted. And because the internet is what it is, users were even able to use clues from the photo to figure out just where the supposed-$78 burger came from.

And to nobody’s surprise…the burger wasn’t the biggest cost of the meal.

But just to add a cherry on top of the whole embarrassing tweet, the restaurant themselves, 1911 Smoke House Barbeque, actually chimed in and claimed that a whopping 80% of the tab was actually spent on drinks, not on the burger and fries:

“Looks like someone was knocking back some serious drinks – Bar tab was almost 80% and he’s complaining about the cost of his meal. Keep drinking buddy – we get paid off everything.”

Wrecked him. But probably not as wrecked as he was after throwing back all that scotch before his flight.

Gotta feel for Brooks though. The economy’s so bad that even New York Times columnists are feeling the effects on their $55 airport scotches.

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