Alaska Angler Reels In Unique Rock Greenling Fish That’s Neon Blue On The Inside

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The Lodge At Otter Cove

It’s amazing how many years I’ve been on this Earth and how often I am surprised when I see a fish that I didn’t know existed.

This strange, weird, and arguably disturbing looking fish is called a Rock Greenling. They are rare to catch because of where they choose to live, which is usually in rocky areas close to the shore.

Because of that, commercial fishing boats never really reel in these unique looking fish, and the chances of catching them obviously go up if you are to cast a line off of rocky shores.

Rock Greenlings are mainly found along the Pacific coast, and this specific one in the photos was actually caught in Homer, Alaska. The business that posted the pictures, which is called the Lodge at Otter Cover, is actually a fishing lodge that offers “fishing adventures of a lifetime.”

As you can see, the inside of the fish is a bright (almost neon) blue, and when the fisherman begins to carve out the fillets, they are also that strange, turquoise color.

The thing looks like it’s straight out of a sci-fi movie, or maybe even Dr. Seuss’ One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. Multiple pictures of the aquatic creature were posted on social media with the caption:

“Went out fishing today and caught a rock greenling. The flesh is blue. It turns white when you cook it. Mother nature is incredible.”

I still can’t get over how weird that fish looks…

A lot of people on Facebook were admiring the Rock Greenling, leaving their thoughts in the comments below:

“Wow! That’s incredible looking.”

“Beautiful! God has a sense of humor.”

“What a beautiful looking fish!”

“That’s amazing! Had no idea such a fish existed!”

“I hope a mount is made of this fish.”

Yeah, I don’t that’s going to happen, considering that the guy posted the video of him cooking the fish in the comments section of the Facebook post.

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