Mountain Lion Chases Elk Into Barbed Wire Fence, & It’s Immediately Game Over

Mountain lion elk attack

I would imagine that this would not be the way to go out…

This video shows a herd of elk grazing around some open fields when a mountain lion decides to mount an attack. It was basically an all-you-can-eat buffet for the big cat, who had plenty of potential elk to choose from, but honed in on one that it thought would be an easy target.

Most of the herd tried to stick together as best as they could, but a couple of elk got separated from their groups, which was fortunate for the mountain lion that was trying to make a meal out of one of them.

The footage is captured from a higher elevation and first shows the mountain lion darting across the field and chasing an elk behind a patch of trees. After a moment, the elk and big cat coming sprinting back out onto the field, and the elk sees a potential escape route over a barbed wire fence.

This is one of those situations where the idea wasn’t all that bad, but the execution was extremely poor. The elk tries to jump up and over the fence to join the rest of its herd mates and gets caught in the barbed wire of the fence. Some of the elk were screaming and running to try and help, though once the member of their herd got stuck and the mountain lion moved in, it was all but over for the poor elk.

The mountain lion digs its teeth into the neck of the elk, and though the video cuts off before we see the big cat officially bring the elk to the end of its life, it was surely going to be the mountain lion’s dinner before too long.

Jerritt Wybron posted the video onto his Instagram account, with the caption:

“Right place, right time! Once in a lifetime moment.

Absolutely incredible that I was able to capture this rare moment on film. The image and screams from the elk are permanently burned into my head.

Growing up hunting lions, I have nothing but respect for them. They are incredible animals and hunters.

That being said, this cats days are numbered…”

Love the threat directed towards the mountain lion there at the end, and I also love that Wybron decided to overlay the instrumental “Destroyer of Worlds” from the blockbuster film Oppenheimer.

Way to capitalize on the popular summer movie, but let’s see how you can work Barbie into your next outdoors post…

Trail Cam Captures A Buck Following A Mountain Lion

What in the?

Aren’t the predators supposed to chase the prey? Isn’t the deer supposed to be afraid of the predators?

I guess some Disney type stuff is going on here…

Mountain lions are one of the most dangerous and elusive predators in the wild. They can weigh up to 200 pounds and be over 4 feet in length.

They are known for their stealth, agility, and efficiency as hunters. Powerful runners, they are capable of reaching speeds of up to 50 miles per hour, making them one of the fastest land animals in the world. Cougars also have powerful jaws and sharp claws, which they use to grab and hold onto their prey while they deliver the killer bite.

Also known as cougars, they are solitary hunters and typically hunt at night, using their stealth and agility to stalk and ambush their prey. Much like other big cats, they will often lie in wait and then pounce on their prey from behind, delivering a powerful bite to the back of the neck. They are capable of bringing down animals as large as elk, but their favorite prey is typically deer.

Which is why this trail camera caught something that just doesn’t make sense.

A cougar is seen walking on by, but immediately following it is a deer that is growing a nice set of antlers.

Like… following RIGHT behind it.

Normally, this deer would be nowhere close to this killer, unless it was already too late. Regardless of any circumstances or time of year, they are mortal enemies, if such a thing truly exists in the wild.

I mean, it almost looks like they’re just hanging out in the woods together, taking a nice stroll.

This is pretty unexplainable, but nevertheless, a very cool catch on the trail camera.

Colorado Teen Spots Mountain Lion Taking An Elk Down


A Colorado teen captured some wild footage near Oak Creek, while driving on the highway near his home.

According to Field & Stream, 18 year old Sophia Benjamin was driving the car with some friends when she saw something on the road.

As the vehicle slowed, it became clear what it was: A mountain lion with its jaws wrapped tightly around the neck of a cow elk.

The elk tried to stomp the cat and shake it loose, but to no avail… clinging tight to the neck, teeth dug in deep, it took about 15 minutes for the big cat to bring the elk down.

15-year-old Tanner Cole-Wheeler filmed the brutal encounter, and for the driver Sophia, she says she’s never seen a mountain lion:

“I’ve seen elk and other wildlife, but I’ve never seen a mountain lion before. It was a very cool and a rare thing to see.”

There’s an estimated 3,000 to 7,000 mountain lions in the state of Colorado, and more than 280,000 elk, but you’re not gonna come across an encounter between the two of them very often.

And that elk is gonna last for quite a few meals… filling up the freezer, eh?

Canada Lynx Takes Down Adult Mule Deer

Size matters? Not to a lynx is doesn’t…

In this insane video filmed near Fort Saint John, British Columbia, we get to see just how powerful a lynx can be, even against an animal that weighs four times more than it does.

For starters, a full grown Canada Lynx tops out around 30 pounds, with most of them weighing somewhere around 20-25. A mule deer doe can get up near 180 pounds but most of them clock in somewhere around 150 pounds.

Of course these are just averages and estimates, but either way, you can see the stark contrast in size.

Did that stop this lynx? Nope.

The doe is able to land a kick during the initial attack, but as soon as that lynx latched on to the head and the neck, it’s all over.

According to Hinterland Outdoors, the lynx killed the muley and was spotted days later enjoying the spoils of its victory.

Nature, man… it’s wild.

The end result.

And he was still there, four days later.

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