Lynyrd Skynyrd Toasts To The Roots Of Their Timeless, Iconic Legacy With New Hell House Whiskey

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Courtesy of Hell House Whiskey

Cheers to the one of the greatest bands to ever do it, Lynyrd Skynyrd.

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of their iconic debut album Pronounced ‘Lĕh-‘nérd ‘Skin-‘nérd, the band unveiled their new whiskey venture, Hell House Whiskey.

And if you’re as big of a fan of them as I am, that name probably rings a bell, as it’s also the name of the cabin where founding members of the band Ronnie Van Zant, Gary Rossington and Allen Collins penned some of rock and rolls biggest hits.

It was rather primitive to say the least, and lacked the comforts of air conditioning and running water, and sat on the banks of Peter’s Creek in Green Cove Springs, an area known for water moccasins and relentless mosquitoes.

They first started going out there because they were getting the cops called on them so often for noise complaints during their rehearsals, so they’d drive 20 minutes from Jacksonville, Florida every morning out to the cabin where they could play as loud and as long as they wanted to.

The “Hell House” nickname came from playing in the devastating Florida heat everyday with no A/C, though they weren’t bothered much by that and were laser focused on making music and perfecting their craft.

Timeless classics like “Simple Man”, “Tuesday’s Gone,” “Sweet Home Alabama,” “Don’t Ask Me No Questions,” “Gimme Three Steps,” and “Free Bird” were all written at the Hell House by Ronnie, where he often sat on the dock and poured his soul into this incredible music.

For this new venture, Lynyrd Skynyrd has partnered with Bespoken, a craft whiskey maker that boasts a collection of over 150 medals in just three years.

The whiskey was crafted to reflect Lynyrd Skynyrd’s iconic, rich and smooth sound, and be a tribute to their incredible journey and creative spirit that shaped the music industry as we know it today.

Of course, Hell House in swampy Florida played a pivotal role in that journey, to say the least, and was essential in the makings of such iconic and timeless music that we all still know and love to this day.

Needless to say, Hell House is a perfect name for the new spirit, and Peter Iglesias, CEO of Bespoken, says it’s been an honor collaborating with such a legendary band in Lynyrd Skynyrd:

“This partnership is a true fusion of legendary rock and roll and visionary whiskey craftsmanship.

Hell House Whiskey captures the essence of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s indomitable spirit, and through our expertise and innovative techniques, we have crafted a whiskey that is as bold, timeless, and unforgettable as their music.”

Moreover, the band says they aimed to capture the flavor of their many years of experience on the road playing for thousands of fans into a whiskey that’s as bold and unique as they are, adding that they’ve been “to hell and back” and decided to bottle it up:

“We put our songs together piece by piece like a jigsaw puzzle. The crowds started to grow and so did our legacy. Birthed by passage of 50 hard-earned years.

Talk about dues… we paid a damn ton of ’em. We’ve been to hell and back and decided to bottle it up.”

This American Whiskey embodies the same dedication and bold character that Lynyrd Skynyrd brought to rock and roll with a mash bill featuring 75% corn, 21% rye, and 4% malt. With notes of honeydew, sorbet, butterscotch, and allspice. at 45% ABV.

You can find Hell House Whiskey online now at for $49.99 for a 750 ML bottle.

To learn more about the origins of Hell House and their new whiskey venture, make sure you check out the video below.


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