Drone Captures Grizzly Bear Fighting Off Pack Of Wolves To Defend Moose Carcass

Bear defends carcass from wolves
Ice Coast Photography

Most great wildlife videos involve someone getting a bit too close to the action for comfort, but drones have been changing the game by allowing us to get a glimpse of what life is like without human involvement.

Of course, some animals, like caiman and turkeys, don’t seem to like drones very much, but when used properly, we can be witness to some incredible sights, like this wildlife photographer captured in Kitimat Valley, British Columbia, Canada in October of 2021.

Right from the jump we see the mangled carcass of a bull moose that a grizzly had been feeding on for the past 3 to 4 days, according to the video’s description, when a pack of grey wolves showed up to try and score a meal.

In all fairness, these wolves look more like coyotes to me, but who am I to argue with the person behind the camera?

Regardless, the story of these four of these wild canines is broken up into three parts and the first starts when they showed up and began trying to work their way to the carcass while the grizzly flipped back and forth to run them off.

Eventually, the wolves give the grizzly some space and it rips off another chunk of the moose carcass and begins to walk to the tree line to eat in peace, which obviously invites the wolves back into the mix.

The four wolves circle the grizzly to try and steal his piece (why they didn’t just go to the unguarded carcass I don’t understand) before scattering once again after the grizzly makes some lunges at them.

Part 1

The second part begins with the grizzly not in sight and the wolves taking turns eating while the others keep guard. The grizzly returns seemingly out of nowhere, which sends the wolf running away to get its friends and soon enough we’re right back at square one with the pack fighting the grizzly for a piece of decaying meat.

Again, the grizzly wins the encounter and is left to enjoy the winner’s spoils.

Part 2

The final part of the story is much of the same as the last, with the wolves getting close but unable to run the grizzly off the kill.

It does show an up close look at what it looks like when an animal gets ripped apart by a top tier predator, but viewers with a weak stomach beware, it’s a tough watch.

Part 3

All in all, there’s one main takeaway from these videos.

Even though wolves are incredible in their own right, they don’t hold a flame to the mighty grizzly.

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