Oliver Anthony Teams Up With Shinedown & Papa Roach For Impromptu Performance Of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Simple Man”

Oliver Anthony country music
Oliver Anthony

Nothing like a Lynyrd Skynyrd sing-along.

Over the weekend, the Blue Ridge Rock Festival was held at the Virginia International Raceway and did not go as smoothly as planned, thanks to Mother Nature. Torrential downpours and hail led to fans fleeing the scene.

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Some artists like Oliver Anthony would not let fans leave without seeing live music from artists they love.

Amid the festival’s cancelation, Oliver Anthony, Shinedown, and Papa Roach banded together to put on an impromptu acoustic concert for fans. As the group stands on a flatbed trailer, you can see the packed crowd surrounding them.

During their unplugged session, they pulled out a killer cover of “Simple Man” from Lynyrd Skynrd.

“Blue Ridge Rock Festival faced severe weather and was called short; prior to heading back out on the road, Brent Smith of Shinedown invited us up to sing a few for the people!”

The crowd is belting out the song lyrics to the men on stage. It’s amazing. The crowd is so thankful that they came out to perform despite the weather conditions.

At the end of the song, the crowd chants:


Check it out.

Oliver Anthony also took to the flatbed to sing a few of his own songs.

“Ain’t Gotta Dollar” 

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It also appears that he debuted a new single.

“Cobwebs and Cocaine”

I wrote this song when I was broken, suicidal, and hopeless. And now here we are. Never give up. Don’t be scared to tell others when you fall and need help getting back up.

As long as you’re above the dirt, you have a fighting chance. We’re all on this wild ride together.”

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