Two Grizzly Bears Stop Traffic At Yellowstone National Park To Pick Up Road Kill

Yellowstone grizzly bears
Yellowstone Twins

Even when you’re one of the most feared killing machines on the planet, it’s hard to say no to an easy free meal.

As it always goes, it’s been a wild year within the bounds of Yellowstone National Park.

Just the other day a bozo tourist got pinned to the ground by a bison and we also saw a vicious display of bison in the rut when one got completely railroaded, which goes to show that really nothing changes in the 151 year old nature preserve.

While bison tend to get most of the press, grizzly bears are always lurking somewhere in the shadows, waiting for their moment in the sun, which is exactly what happened last year near Yellowstone Lake, when two of these beasts stopped traffic to scoop up some fresh roadkill.

The video begins with two grizzlies, presume to be a mother and near fully grown cub wandering on a hillside near a road packed with cars.

As we’ve come to expect, these tourists weren’t exactly on their best behavior, but it certainly wasn’t the worst we’ve seen around bears. Who can forget this woman trying to get a close up picture, then getting charged by both the bear and the long arm of the law, ending up with a 4 day jail sentence and a one year ban from Yellowstone?

So yeah, while the people kept screaming and yelling and generally not acting the best, at least they didn’t get out of their cars are try to pet these guys as they ambled down the hill toward the vehicles.

Here’s what the video’s description says.

“The mother grizzly and her cub walk on the hillside and the grizzly cub runs after some birds. Then both bears start to make their way towards the road where a lot of tourists are parked to observe them.

At first it is not clear as to why they went down to the road with so many people in their way, but you soon see the mother grizzly grab the road kill and then run back up the hill. She then gives the road kill to her cub to eat. The video was taken near Yellowstone Lake.”

Why try to hunt down an elk or catch a fresh marmot when there’s a carcass just sitting there waiting to be eaten?

Honestly, I wish I had half the stomach these wild animals do; I eat one to many hot wings and I’m down for the count these days while bears are out there munching on rotting rodent flesh.

I’m happy to live when I do…

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