Curious Lion Steals GoPro Camera On A Stick & Shoots Hilarious Selfie Video


You know what, I think I found my new favorite form of animal photography.

Still photos from a distance with a super long camera lens are great and all, but nothing will top the pictures that wild animals take themselves.

This lioness might have unknowingly started a new trend within the nature photography business (and might actually rightfully own this footage considering that the lioness was the one that captured it).

This whole hilarious wild animal video was captured in the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. The area is known for its savannah landscape and multitude of wild animals, which consist of elephants, cheetahs, zebras, hippos, and lions.

And they might be able to start advertising that their lions in particular are very photogenic, and even know their way around a camera. This lioness was prowling the reserve and came across a GoPro camera standing on a stick, and became pretty curious about the whole thing (typical cat energy).

In the video, you’ll see the big cat slowly stalking the camera, staring it down with an intense focus as it tried to figure out what it was. Slowly but surely, the lioness inches closer to the GoPro, and after examining it for a couple of seconds, it snatches it right up and begins to run off.

The different angles that the small camera captures as it goes on a joyride with the female lion are hysterical. Most of the clip just shows off the lion’s snout, with a couple of other moments giving the viewer a pretty detailed look at the sharp teeth that the wild animal possesses.

Towards the end of the video, the lion actually drops the camera and readjusts its grip on the stick. This angle gives us more of a point-of-view perspective as the lion runs, and also allows for us to see what the lion is seeing as it quickly sprints through the savannah.

Eventually the lioness drops the stick-mounted camera, and a vehicle almost instantly pulls up to retrieve it. Ahmed Galal, the wildlife photographer whose GoPro was snatched by the lioness, told Cater News:

“I’ll admit that I was worried about getting the camera back. We managed to chase after the lioness, and she dropped the camera. Although it had a few scratches, the GoPro still functioned.”

Yet another great advertisement for GoPro and their virtually indestructible cameras. You can take a look at the lioness on the run in the video below:

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