On This Date: Alan Jackson Released His #1 Hit “Livin’ On Love” In 1994

Alan Jackson country music
Alan Jackson

If you are looking for a classic ’90s country love song, then look no further.

The 1990s were seemingly chock-full of instant-hit country songs by legendary country artists, and Alan Jackson arguably had the greatest run of them all. The country music hall of famer seemed to have a nonstop run of successful albums, and that continued with his 1994 project Who I Am.

The album had plenty of Alan Jackson hits (that certainly ended up “Rocking The Jukebox”), but one that really stood out from the rest was the second single that was released ahead of the project. “Livin’ On Love” was released on this date almost 30 years ago, and the song has aged like fine wine.

Jackson wrote and recorded the track in early 1994, and once the song found its way into the spotlight later on that year, it shined. “Livin’ On Love” really seemed to connect with fans and critics, which helped it make its way to the number one spot on the Billboard Country charts in late 1994, marking the ninth time for an Alan Jackson song to do so.

The song was described as “sentimental” and a “mid-tempo Honky Tonker” when it was released, and I’d say both of those things ring true. There’s a good amount of fiddle in the tune, but like we often say here at Whiskey Riff, I could’ve used a little more of it.

As for the subject matter of the song, you might be able to gather that “Livin’ On Love” is a song about people who don’t have a lot to live off of other than their adoration for one another. The song is sweet in that way, telling the story of a young couple who gets together with nothing, and even as they age and mature, they continue to just live off of the love they have for one another.

The lyrics in the beginning of the song sing:

“Two young people without a thingSay some vows and spread their wingsAnd settle down with just what they needLivin’ on love
She don’t care ’bout what’s in styleShe just likes the way he smilesIt takes more than marble and tileLivin’ on love
Livin’ on love, buyin’ on timeWithout somebody nothing ain’t worth a dimeJust like an old fashion story book rhymeLivin’ on love”

And as always, the music video that Alan Jackson cooked up for the single might as well be playing on loop at the Louvre. Jackson knew how to make a toe-tapping country tune, and he also always managed to perfect the storytelling music video to go along with it.

Take a look:

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