On This Date: Toby Keith’s First Number One Album “Pull My Chain” Was Released In 2001

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Toby Keith

After an incredible run of success in the 1990’s, Toby Keith brought his country music career into the next century with his sixth studio album Pull My Chain.

The project released on this date in 2001 (22 years ago, feel old yet?) under the label DreamWorks Records, and if you are wondering if that company had anything to do with DreamWorks Pictures, you would be correct.

The label was founded in 1996 (with one of the founders being renowned director Steven Spielberg), and then was dissolved in 2005 when it sold to Universal Music Group. Most of Toby Keith’s records from from 1999 to 2005 were under the DreamWorks label.

Getting back to Pull My Chain, the project was a commercial success for the well-established country music artist. The album itself made it to the number one spot on the U.S. Top Country Albums chart, and has since sold over two million copies, making it a certified two-time Multi-Platinum project.

Of all the songs on the album, Pull My Chain‘s three singles were probably the most popular and drove the entirety of the work to have success. “I’m Just Talkin’ About Tonight,” “My List,” and “I Wanna Talk About Me” were all at the top spot on the Hot Country Songs chart at some point after being released.

The project also features another track titled “I Can’t Take You Anywhere,” which was co-written by Scotty Emerick, someone Toby Keith collaborated with on plenty of occasions throughout his career. Per usual, Keith appeared as a writer on almost every one of the 13-song-tracklist.

The three music videos for the singles that were released for Pull My Chain are all vastly different. “I’m Just Talking About Tonight” tells a story about meeting people at a bar, “My List” prioritizes spending time with family and actually even includes a storyline revolving around 9/11, and “I Wanna Talk About Me” showcases the humor that Keith often worked into his hits.

Toby Keith has always been known to be a well-rounded artist, and the variety that Pull My Chain offered probably helped it to become his very first number one album. Take a listen to the singles from the project below:

“I’m Just Talking About Tonight”

“My List”

“I Wanna Talk About Me”

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