Southall Laments A Life On The Road With New Single “When You’re Around”

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This new Southall album can’t come soon enough.

Set to drop in just under a month, on September 22, the group formerly known as Read Southall Band has been building anticipation and releasing singles all summer for their aptly-titled post-name change debut project Southall.

The latest of the three singles they’ve released thus far, “When You’re Around,” hit streaming platforms today, and it’s a modern day red dirt rock and roll force to be reckoned with. Harkening back to the gritty sound of their niche genre’s forefathers, fully embodying their own unique creativity, both sonically and lyrically, that appeals to the masses. With a little bit of punk flavor, “When You’re Around” is some of the band’s best work to date.

A musician’s love song about how difficult life can be on the road and how fleeting moments at home can feel for someone who’s always touring, “When You’re Around” is an enlightening glimpse into what life can be like for these artists, and endearing ode to those you love all in one.

“The moment I unpack my bag it’s almost time to go
It all slows to a crawl when I’m just trying to get back home
Soon as I lay eyes on you I’m at the speed of sound
Time only seems to fly by when you’re around…”

“When You’re Around”

It’s not like Read Southall Band was struggling or anything, but the rebranding seems to be ushering in a revitalization of this Oklahoma outfit, and I’m here for it.

With three full length albums dating back to 2015, and an all-time live album in 2018’s Live From the Tower Theatre, the Stillwater, OK based outfit chas been a staple on the Red Dirt scene for almost a decade at this point, and are undoubtedly one of the best acts in the business. But as good as their whole catalog is, this forthcoming record is shaping up to be some of their best work yet.

I mean, if these singles are any indication, we are in for a treat when Southall drops in September.

“Scared Money”

“By Surprise”

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