Florida Minor League Baseball Team Is Listing Their ENTIRE Stadium On AirBnB For $5,000 A Night

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Blue Wahoos

If you are a diehard baseball fan and have ever wanted to spend the night at a ballpark, this might be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

The Pensacola Blue Wahoos, which is a minor league affiliate of the Miami Marlins located in Pensacola, Florida, hatched an idea to make their home stadium available to be rented out as an Airbnb for overnight stays. For the low price of $5,143 a night, you and nine guests can have full access to an entire baseball stadium.

The official Airbnb page for the Blue Wahoos Stadium says:

“For the first time ever, a professional baseball stadium is available for rent on Airbnb, giving fans the most intimate, behind-the-scenes ballpark experience in history.

Whether you’d like to host an unforgettable overnight trip with your youth league team, throw an unbeatable birthday bash, stage a corporate retreat that will make you an office hero, or spend your bachelor party living your sports dream, Blue Wahoos Stadium is the ultimate rental.”

The possibilities with the property are endless. Renters have access to the baseball field, the batting cages, and pretty much anything else you can think of for the entire duration of the stay. If you really wanted to, you could have an all night baseball game under the lights, then have breakfast served to you at home plate.

Blue Wahoos management started offering up the stadium as an Airbnb during COVID, when minor league play was suspended due to health and safety concerns. Instead of letting the stadium sit empty, they started hosting groups from all across the country, and profited so much that the organization didn’t have to let go of a single employee.

As I mentioned earlier, there’s really nothing off limits when you stay at the ballpark, and utilizing everything they have to offer is strongly encouraged by the Blue Wahoos team:

“Guests staying at the ballpark will have full access to the newly-renovated and fully-furnished clubhouse, a large bedroom with 10 beds, the batting cage, and the field itself!

Want to hit with your friends in our batting cage? Be our guest! Want to play catch on the field at 11:30 PM? Be our guest! Want to take batting practice while having a couple cold ones with the boys? Be our guest! Want to take down your siblings in ping pong and video games in the clubhouse? Be our guest!”

All of those options sounds like a ton of fun, which is probably why the Airbnb currently has a 5 out of 5 rating. If you still need to be sold on the idea, you can take a look at how this family turned the opportunity into a trip that created lifetime memories.

Take a look:

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