Coyote Takes Out House Cat In California Nature Preserve

Coyote eats cat on trail cam
Skip Rotstein

Let this be a warning to all those who let their house cats roam at night.

There’s no denying cats are quite impressive.

We’ve seen them go nose-to-nose with a bull moose, snatch owls midflight, and at times get the better of coyotes.

Oh yeah, and they’ll also eat your face if you happened to die alone in your house, but we’ll try not to think about that…

Well, although they have survived coyote encounters from time to time, it doesn’t always go in their favor, as we see in this video from El Moro Elfin Forest in Central California.

Trail cameras picked up various collared house cats walking around the wooded land, which according to the video’s introduction is far from a rare occurrence, as local residents tend to let their domestic cats roam at night to hunt down mice and other small creatures, but there’s plenty of other creatures around who will turn the tables on these cats, which we get to see in this video.

California is home to a large population of coyotes. The California Department of Fish and Game estimates there to be between 250,000 and 750,000 total throughout the state, but getting a solid count is difficult due to their reclusive nature. This video shows one taking out a house cat, who it probably viewed as a competitor for the local small game.

Not going to lie, it’s pretty hard to watch the entire 5+ minute ordeal, but its domination from start to finish. This poor feline stood no chance against the canine, who mercilessly pinned it down and dug its teeth in repeatedly.

For as brutal as the scene is, it’s pretty funny to see the skunk walking by just before and after the attack. Had the timing been just a little different, we maybe be talking about a poor skunk instead of a cat.

For those who let their cats roam, let this be a cautionary tale.

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