Seattle Man Chugs Gasoline When Cops Locate Him During Active Burglary

Seattle criminal drinks gasoline
Seattle PD

There is a cruel joke about cracking open some cold ones somewhere in this story…

Seattle Police Department responded to an active burglary with a minor still in the home. Police received a call on Friday morning last week from a seventeen-year-old girl claiming a man with a wooden stick was attempting to break into her family home.

According to the Seattle Police Department report:

“Police arrived around 11:30 a.m. to the 8400 block of 5th Avenue Southwest, but the juvenile was too afraid to answer the door for officers.

While still outside, police heard loud banging noises coming from inside the home. In fear for the life safety of the juvenile, officers breached the front door to make entry and began to search for the 17-year-old female victim and the suspect.”

Officers entered the home upon these concerns, revealing the man had broken into the garage.

As they opened the door to the garage, they found the 40-year-old man sitting in the front seat of the car parked in the garage with a red gasoline can and a hammer in his lap.

As they approached the car, the man picked up the gas can and began to chug it. The officers ask the man to put it down, and after taking a chug, he puts the can down, wipes his mouth, and tells them:

“I’m good.”

While refusing to exit the car, the officers take action, shattering the vehicle window to remove the burglar from the home and take him into custody.

Once the glass has shattered, he chugs the gasoline again, making officers question his intention.

“What the…”

One officer said.

The police successfully removed the male from the car and found the young girl safely on the second floor.

“Once the suspect was in custody, officers found the female victim on the home’s second floor and escorted her out to safety. 

The 40-year-old male suspect was arrested for residential burglary and was booked into King County Jail.”

An interesting tactic on the burglar’s part… I would have expected this from a Florida Man.

Check out the bodycam footage.

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A beer bottle on a dock