Pistol Annies’ “Trailer For Rent” Is The Perfect Song For Every Time Your Man Has Pissed You Off

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Pistol Annies

We’ve all hit a breaking point with a man one time or another.

Romantically or otherwise, they can push you to your wits end, and even beyond. But of course, leave it to the Pistol Annies to have an anthem dedicated to this exact conundrum.

Off the incredible debut Hell On Heels album, which was released 12 years ago today, “Trailer for Rent” is a feisty, drive around with your windows down, screaming at the top of your lungs therapy session when you’ve finally had it with his shit.

The creativity and wordplay that was crafted in this song makes it an absolute delight to listen to. They have a knack for taking mundane, especially irritating, daily life situations and making them enjoyable. I mean, it’s storytelling at its finest.

They say “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” but my favorite part is that the woman in this story is so fed up that she leaves the house with “the beans on” to go put an ad in the paper for their trailer. You don’t even need a down payment… that’s when you know it’s bad.

Seriously though, if you’re already pissed off when you turn this song on, I advise you to take a couple deep breaths before making any hasty decisions. And here’s where the therapy session part comes in: Even if you’d never actually do it, singing about it provides that sweet relief for your pent up anger.

And you can’t tell me you’re able to get through the entire song without waving your finger and rolling your eyes when Miranda sings of it being the last time her husband pisses her off:

“It’s been ten years, ten thousand beers
And he’s still sittin’ right there on the couch
I played the Mrs., and I’ve done the dishes
‘Bout time somebody got the hell out
My phone ought to be ringing about now”

The chorus will have you seeing red and, quite literally, screaming at the top of your lungs. If you’re listening to it in the car, make sure to watch your speed because for some reason it also makes you wanna put the pedal to the metal (not that I would know, of course):

“‘Cause there’s a trailer for rent,
No down payment
Comes with some holes
And dents where I got tired of his shit
Call if your interested, trailer for rent”

If you’ve thought, felt, or even experienced all of these things, I promise you’re going to love this song, too. And the next time you think about leaving the house “with the beans on,” try listening to this first…

“Trailer for Rent”

And if you really wanna feel fired up today, here’s a live version:


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