Redneck Cooks “Bathroom Baby Back Ribs” With Hair Dryer & Pillow Case In His Hotel Room

redneck cooking ribs in a hotel room

Some people truly have way too much time on their hands…

Honestly, I can’t figure out if this is genius or sickening, so I’ll let you decide.

In one of the latest examples of redneck engineering, a man posted a video to TikTok showing how you can cook “Bathroom Baby-Back Ribs” in your hotel room using only a hairdryer and a pillowcase, and all of a sudden I don’t feel so good.

I’ll be the first to say that I love a good rack of ribs, but I’ll also be the first to say that I would never, under any circumstance, eat ribs that were cooked in a bathroom, no matter how scrumptious they look.

If you were to look up this “bathroom baby-back ribs” recipe, you would see instructions that look a little something like this:

-Remove the membrane of the meat. A hand towel (kindly provided by the hotel) helps grip and remove the membrane.

-Char Siu is an excellent rib rub, and is recommended for seasoning.

-Place your ribs in a 200 degree oven (which is a pillowcase tied up around a hair dryer with a couple of holes at the top for venting) and roast for four hours.

-After roasting (running the hair dryer on it) for four hours, remove ribs, glaze with honey and return to the “oven” for three more hours.

-During the last two hours, add in corn on the cob and a baked potato as sides, then remove all once every item is fully cooked.

Those are the directions that this man in the video follows, and apparently does so successfully. The ribs look pretty good, and almost a little too good to be true if you ask me (yes, I think this could be a hoax).

Footage of the man then laying down in his hotel room bed and feasting on his hearty meal is how the video finishes, which could go down as one of the all-time gross ways to utilize a hotel room (and that’s saying something).

And I’ll go ahead and say it, Fleetwood Mac would be disgusted if they saw that their hit song “The Chain” was overlaid on this appalling “how-to” cooking video. I would imagine (and hope) that a cease-and-desist is on its way to this man.

Though Fleetwood Mac has the right to grimace as they watch this, they don’t have the right to be as disgusted as housekeeping, who probably assumed that they walked into a murder scene when they cleaned this guy’s room.

There’s blood splattered in and around the bathroom sink, and a pillowcase that’s riddled with red stains. I’d then imagine that eating in bed probably left behind some questionable stains as well.

The real kicker is that there’s no point where the housekeeper would be cleaning and come to the realization of:

“Oh, this guy was just cooking ribs in here with the hair dryer. That’s why the place is such a mess, and so many items are stained red-ish brown and brown-ish red colors.”

They would just keep cleaning the place assuming that something horrible happened in this room. And let’s be honest, it did.

Take a look:

The dude took 7 hours to cook a rack of ribs. At some point you have to just type in on Apple Maps “Chili’s Near Me.” Even if the nearest Chili’s was 2 hours away, it would have saved him some time.

If you thought that was the worst of it though, the man’s TikTok channel is full of “bathroom recipes” that he’s cooked up in what appears to be the same hotel room. I would hate to see the incidentals charge on this guy’s final bill, especially after he flushes potato peels down the toilet.

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Can somebody check on this guy to make sure he’s not sitting on a hotel toilet somewhere? After eating some of these meals you gotta think his stomach isn’t doing great.

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