Johnny Manziel Says He Watched “Zero” Film During His Time With The Cleveland Browns

Johnny Manziel

When it comes to college football, we’ll probably never see another player as electric and as polarizing as Johnny Manziel.

Back in 2012 and 2013, you’d flip on the Texas A&M game for one reason: Not because of who the Aggies were playing, but to see what kind of wild move Manziel was going to pull in the game.

He was by far the most fun quarterback to watch, and his stellar play as a redshirt freshman in 2012 led to a Heisman Trophy, the highest level of achievement in college football.

However, there were his off the field antics that made him equally as polarizing as he was electric on the football field.

The insane partying that he carried with him to the NFL ultimately led to his demise, going from a first round NFL Draft pick to the Cleveland Browns, to being out of a job after only two seasons.

The highly anticipated Untold: Johnny Football documentary officially dropped on Netflix yesterday, and we finally got some insight about what all went down behind the scenes during Manziel’s time in Cleveland.

In one of the scenes, Manziel’s former agent Erik Burkhardt recalled an interesting conversation he had with the Browns’ general manager at the time…

Apparently Manziel didn’t watch ANY film.

Burkhardt recalled in the clip:

“Their GM is calling me going, ‘he doesn’t watch tape.’ I’m like ‘well he’s gotta watch some tape,’ and he’s like ‘EB, his iPad hours is 0.00.'”

Manziel backed that up by holding up the shape of a zero, saying:


Honestly, as sad as that is to hear, it’s wild that Manziel was even able to throw seven touchdowns during his two seasons in Cleveland.

However, at the end of the day, that’ll get you dropped from an NFL team in a heartbeat, aside from the excess partying.

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