Terrifying Footage Shows Black Bear Stalking Close Behind Family On Hiking Trip

black bear

You know, I had a hiking trip planned later this year. But for some odd reason, I feel like canceling.

Could it have to do with the fact that this video shows a lovely family of four getting stalked by a black bear as they hike along a trail? Yes, that’s exactly what it has to do with.

Bears are not to be messed with, and unfortunately for us, they do pretty much whatever they want. We’ve developed a couple of things to keep bears away from us, like bear spray or standing up really tall and yelling “Hey Bear,” but those methods aren’t always foolproof.

The couple in this video decide to utilize the second method of bear repellant, trying to scream at the bear to intimidate it, but not having much luck. The family keeps themselves and their two kids walking along while keeping an eye on the bear that continues to follow along behind them.

One of the kids is strapped into a backpack carrier while the other is walking along beside the parents. You can hear the mother warning her older child to “not run” in fear that any fast movement might cause the bear lurking behind to speed up and go after them (even though it already kind of seems like it is).

There are some real “Michael Myers” vibes from the bear, maintaining a slow walk but still managing to be incredibly menacing and threatening to the people he is slowly chasing down. The parents periodically try to turn around and wave their arms to dissuade the bear from following closely behind on their trail (literally).

The clip has many tense moments as the mother and father make eye contact, non-verbally saying “what do we do?” Clearly they didn’t want to scare their kids, but they also understood the gravity of the situation and were feeling helpless that none of their efforts to deter the bear were working.

And it seems like the older child starts to understand the seriousness of the situation after first smiling and looking back and forth between his two parents when they were waving their arms and yelling at the incoming black bear. At one point, the kid even asks his Mom:

“Do we play dead yet? Do we play dead now? Do we play dead?”

The mother, trying to capture everything on video in case something were to happen to them (I’m assuming), avoids answering the question for the moment and responds:

“Walk faster please.”

Thankfully, the family eventually made it away from the bear safely, though they might rethink their next outdoor event. I’d imagine they at least stayed off that trail after that too close for comfort encounter with the black bear.

Take a look:

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