Hen Beats The Hell Out Of A Hawk That Is Trying To Steal Her Chicks

Rooster kills hawk
Baby Shark

Not in this mama’s coop, not today.

Chickens are funny animals. They will do anything they can to defend their flock. They aren’t very large, weighing 10 pounds at most. And they don’t have the most tools to fight. But they have a lot of heart when it comes time to defend, and they will go all out.

Different animals love to try and eat the chickens, from coyotes to hawks. Roosters will run at the predator making a bunch of loud noises to notify the flock. The rest all try to find cover while the rooster attempts to attack the predators to scare it off.

Now, that’s putting it all on the line.

Hawks are a tricky predator. The have the infamous hawk eyes, where they spot prey from far away and attack from above with speed and precision. This often makes their hunts quick and successful.

But this mama hen had other plans.

She is seen jumping 3 feet in the air as the hawk swoops in. The hen comes out in a fury, quick and hard, sending dust flying as she attempts to beat the predator.

Relying solely on speed and aggression, she actually ends up getting the better of the hawk, even pinning the hawk down for the count.

What a battle and an unexpected finish.

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