Miranda Lambert Flooded With Hate Comments Amid Las Vegas “Photo-Gate”

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Robert Ascroft

The selfie heard around the world…

Miranda Lambert is under some serious fire currently.

If you have been living in internet drama-free bliss, then I’m sure you have not heard about how Miranda Lambert called out a group of concert attendees for taking pictures instead of listening to her music, during an intimate, acoustic performance of “Tin Man.”

For a quick recap:

“I’m gonna stop right here for a second, I’m sorry. These girls are worried about their selfie and not listening to the song. It’s pissing me off a little bit.

I don’t like it. At all. We’re here to hear some country music tonight. I’m singing some country damn music.”

@justingregg8 Amazing show. 10/10 recommend. This had ☠️ lmaooooo #countrymusic #MirandaLambert ♬ original sound – Justin Gregg

For those of you on top of the drama… welcome back. Glad to have you here.

Some folks have now gone as far as to dig up other onstage moments from Miranda, as if it wasn’t well known that this isn’t the first time she’s called out fans for being a distraction during a show.

Cue up the time she popped a fans beach ball on stage saying:

“I love y’all, but we’re not at the damn beach. We’re singing country music tonight.”

Now the hate has moved to Instagram.

And here’s the thing about outrage culture and weird hive mentality… I’m sure many of these commenters are not even fans of Lambert, or even country music in general. They just saw an opportunity to fire off some words of hate.

Outrage culture at its finest.

In her most recent post promoting neutering and spaying of your animals, the comment section is filled with nothing to do with her animal activism but rather her attitude towards fans.

“You were just so rude. It’s really classless.”

“After the video posted of you being a sack of shit to your fans, I think you are complete trash.”

“How about you neuter your nasty attitude toward your fans?”

“Takes balls to come out your fans who pay to put food on your table.”

And if one Instagram post filled with hate was not enough, there is another.

On a reel she shared giving a backstage tour into what the day-to-day of the Velvet Rodeo Tour looked like, commenters had trigger fingers and rapid-fired at the artist.

“Just got a refund on my tickets! Not going to see you after you embarrassed those girls for no reason at all. They paid for those tickets.”

“Please tell me why you publicly embarrassed girls who took time off work/school/spent big money to see you. You gave them a shitty memory of your “classic” country concert. A real performer appreciates a respectful crowd and isn’t bothered by iPhones taking photos… what year are we in?”

“Lost a fan after seeing how you called out those girls for taking selfies at a concert. Phones are always out at concerts for memories. Don’t forget that you have a career because of your fans who pay to see you perform. Humble yourself!”

“Don’t forget that the people taking selfies at your concert are paying YOUR bills.”

Tough day to be the person running Lambert’s social media platforms. The hate is everywhere, and now that the image has come forward posting the picture that got them called out, fans are even more outraged.

Some fans are now comparing Miranda Lambert’s concerts to Kelsea Ballerini’s. TikTok users have compiled clips of the superstars’ shows and their very different stage approaches, with Ballerini telling her fans if they want to be “unhinged,” to go for it and stopping mid-song to tell a fan she has a cute outfit in the crowd.

We are just here to report on the news, but one this for sure… I’m certain Lambert’s team did not imagine a viral video to cause the PR nightmare it has.

And one more thing… I’m sure Miranda Lambert couldn’t care less. She’s made a career doing things her own way, and not giving a shit what people think about her… don’t think she’s about to start now.

You can catch Miranda in Las Vegas on the second leg of her Velvet Rodeo Residency:

Remaining Velvet Rodeo Residency Dates:


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