Lainey Wilson Gets Surprise Message From Little Boy On Stage: “My Brother Says He Likes Your Butt”

Lainey Wilson country music

Lainey Wilson is one of the best in the game at engaging with her younger fans.

As a role model to many young country music fans, she constantly pulls kids on stage. From the little girl that won a bet to get a pony, letting a fan sing “Watermelon Moonshine” with her and countless other tiny gestures, Lainey Wilson is a family-friendly act.

While her interactions with her younger fan base have blown up, so has the attention to Wilson’s backside.

In early June, she was gifted with a shirt on stage in Canada that said: “Best Ass In Country Music.” 

And in recent Lainey Wilson news, we got a fan interaction that combined these two attributes in the most hilarious way possible.

During a recent show, Wilson spotted a little boy, whose name was Cash, that was holding a sign saying:

“Lainey, help me win my bet. I need a hug, and then my bro owes me $50.” 

Wilson pulls the little boy up on stage, letting the crowd read his sign as well.

She says to the crowd:

“I’m even taking my guitar off for this one.”

She puts her mic into the stand, takes off her guitar, and then gives Cash a bear hug ensuring he wins his bet.

As Wilson pulls away from the hug, the little boy tells her something that brings a shocked look to her face. You can see her mouth ‘What’ and the little boy repeats himself.

As Wilson cracks a smile, she gets back up to the mic and addresses the crowd:

“Y’all won’t believe what Cash just said. He literally just said, “I got to tell you something…my brother likes your butt.” 

Y’all give it up for Cash, come on.” 

Wilson, the good sport she is, is laughing with the crowd at the cute yet funny interaction.

Fans, of course, came in hot with additional funny comments.

“I’m with the Brother with that one.”

“We’re all Cash’s brother today.”

“Bahaha, love the honest words from children.”

“Won a bet and winged his Bro. True champ in the making.” 

“So does every straight man in America.”

“That boy is living my dream.”

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