Fan Hilariously (And Fittingly) Gifts Lainey Wilson A Shirt That Says “Best *ss In Country Music” During Vancouver Show

Lainey Wilson country music
Aubrey Wise

Well, they’re not wrong…

A couple weeks ago, Lainey Wilson made a tour stop in Vancouver, Canada with Luke Combs and company, where she took the stage as an opener like she has been since Luke’s world tour kicked off a couple months ago.

And during her set, Lainey was gifted a one of a kind, custom t-shirt by a fan in the crowd… one that read:

“Lainey Wilson: best ass in country music.”

Which, like I said, they’re certainly not wrong about…

And in case you’ve been living under a rock, Lainey’s butt went mega viral all over the internet earlier this year (because it’s perfect), and she handled that with an impressive amount of grace and class and has definitely leaned into it in the best way possible.

Lainey’s reaction in receiving the shirt was perfect, too, as she shared a picture on Instagram (scroll to number five on the carousel) of her holding it up for the whole crowd to see.

Her friend Miranda Lambert accurately commented on the photo:

“Best Ass kicker in country music is what they meant to say.”

And Lainey’s boyfriend Duck Hodges of course agreed with the sentiment on the shirt, saying:

“I’d agreeeeee.”

And it looks to me like this is also a great marketing opportunity, and I personally think that Lainey needs to make more of these for her own merch…

I mean, it’s just the truth:

And speaking of Lainey’s perfect peach, make sure you check out her new song with Lauren Alaina “Thicc As Thieves,” which celebrates their uniquely southern assets, if you will…

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