Elusive Chicken Somehow Avoids Being Eaten In Jam-Packed Alligator Pit

Alligator chicken

This chicken has some “nuggets” to get into an alligator pit with that many gators.

I tried to count how many alligators were in this pit and I lost count at around 30. It’s truly the most alligators I’ve ever seen in one place, and I have a plethora of questions that I don’t think will be answered.

First, why are there that many alligators in that shallow enclosure? The thing looks like it is set up like how those “pet a stingray” experiences at aquariums, but you would have to be next level dumb to stick your hand into that to pet an alligator.

Second, what was this chicken thinking when it entered into this alligator coliseum? Maybe it had some sort of deal with Kentucky Fried Chicken and wanted to expedite the process? I say that, but the chicken kind of made its escape look pretty easy, so now I’m thinking the run through the gators was some sort of intense training regimen.

I definitely got some second-hand anxiety watching the bird narrowly avoid all of the chomping jaws. Each time it needed to pull off a flap-and-move, it timed it perfectly. It was exactly like a spy making their way through a room booby-trapped with lasers, and just like how the trained people in the movies make it through the difficult obstacle course, the chicken somehow, someway made it through the alligator gauntlet…at least while we were watching.

I hope that the chicken ended up making it. Unfortunately, the video cuts off after it dodges probably 15 to 20 alligators, and though it hadn’t been eaten, it was still within the enclosure with the rest of the gators when it ended.

Let’s just assume that it makes it, that way this video is all the more enjoyable:

Twitter users couldn’t believe what they were seeing when they watched the chicken escape, leaving replies like:

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