Lightning Strikes Golf Ball Mid-Flight At TopGolf, Sends People Running

Golf lightning
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At this point, it is common knowledge that golf and thunderstorms don’t mix.

Golfers are often pulled off golf courses even if lightning is within 10 miles of the area, and anyone with a brain knows that it isn’t smart to stand outside with a metal stick when a storm comes rolling through.

However, it seems like the entertainment center Topgolf doesn’t play by the same rules, even though they basically share the same ingredients as golf, with a few upgrades:

-More fun

-More drinking

-Less walking

-Less time

Good luck finding someone that doesn’t like Topgolf. It honestly took the sport, subtracted all the bad parts, and gave the world another way to look at golf. The entertainment venture has even inspired some other spinoffs.

As fun as Topgolf can be, it still seems to be a pretty bad idea during a thunderstorm. Luckily, these younger kids just got to watch in awe as Mother Nature did its thing, and didn’t have to worry about getting hurt, even though things could have easily made a turn for the worst.

This video is almost hard to believe, but appears to be the real deal. The Topgolf-er hits their shot out into the driving range, and not even a second after, the golf ball is dramatically struck by lightning.

Each golf ball at the high-tech driving range is equipped with an electronic tracking sensor, which must have attracted the incredible strike of lightning. The group in the hitting bay screams in terror as it goes down, and the video’s caption states:

“Golfing in a lightning storm, Ben Franklin style!”

Instagram users could barely believe their eyes, but also weren’t afraid to call out the golfers for continuing to hit away in the hazardous conditions the video shows:

“Nothing like having a metal rod in your hand during a thunderstorm?”

“Dude is lucky the ball was struck and not the iron club he’s holding.”

“When even God says your drives are s**t.”

“Can somebody f***ing debunk this video? There is no way this ACTUALLY happened.”

“Holy crap you sent that ball back to 1985.”

“Legends say the girl is still screaming.”

Yeah, that screaming was a lot…

If you watch it twice (I watched it probably 15 times), you’ll probably have to mute it so you can save your eardrums from the bloodcurdling (but warranted) scream.

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