Woodpecker And Snake Go Head-To-Head As Snake Robs Nest

Woodpecker vs snake

Nature is crazy.

You just never know what you’re going to see out there. Heck, you don’t even know what you might come across in your own backyard.

Birds and snakes are two types of animals that you just don’t pair together. They live totally different lives, one has wings, the other doesn’t even have legs. But surprisingly enough they have more interactions than we would think.

Many birds of prey have their way with snakes and can often be seen flying off with them. On the contrary, snakes love to raid any bird nest they can for an easy meal of eggs or chicks.

Northern flickers are a type of woodpecker that is fairly small. They only grow to be around a foot in length. They eat anything they can and use their beaks to get into it, from bugs in trees to ants in the ground and any easy pickin’ berries or fruit.

Bull snakes are fair sized snakes that roam North America reaching lengths of 6 feet in some cases. They are opportunistic predators and will eat anything they can from birds, lizards and small mammals to eggs. They are constrictors and often will suffocate their prey.

Northern flickers and bull snakes typically don’t have interactions, as flickers nest high up in tree cavities and bull snakes typically stay close to the ground.

But when there’s a hungry animal, it’s also a motivated one and will do crazy things to get food.

Like climbing a tree and fighting a bird.

This bull snake is seen trying to make its way into a cavity where a flicker has nested. The small woodpecker loses its mind as the snake tries to enter the hole.

The bird pecks and pecks and finally gets a hold of it pulling the snake out of the nest as they both spiral to the ground.

A fight ensues but the video quickly ends. It is said that the bird made it out alive.

What thing to see in your backyard.

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