Jelly Roll Says He “Hates” 96% Of The Tattoos He Has: “It’s Embarrassing… I Can’t Believe I Thought Like That”

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That’s a lot of tattoos to regret…

Of course, it’s no secret whatsoever that Jelly Roll is covered in tattoos, and they’re certainly a hallmark physical trait of the rising country star, who has been on a killer streak of late, releasing his “debut” country album Whitsitt Chapelbecoming the first artist to ever have a Top 10 Country and Rock airplay hit at the same time, performing on Good Morning Americaand appearing on the largest platform in media, the Joe Rogan Experience.

But during a recent interview with Audacy Check In, he told host Jason Bailey that he has more than a few tattoo regrets, and says he actually hates “96% of them.”

In fact, he laughed as he explained that he would really only keep the tattoos he has that commemorate previous tours:

“Oh, 96% of ‘em. I’ve got more tattoo regrets than I have, ‘Oh, I’m glad I got this.’ Listen, if Ryan Radtke, who’s a friend of mine, hadn’t beat me to blacking out his arms first, I would have done the same thing.

Have you seen his arms? They’re all just black ink now, he covered up every tattoo on his arms. How you think when you’re 16 years old and how you think at 36 years old are so dramatically far apart from each other.

It’s embarrassing… Like the tour tattoos I’d keep ‘cuz they do have a cool story, but the rest of these, I can’t believe I thought like that.

I’ve got a Gerber baby smoking a joint tattooed on my arm. I don’t know who authorized this in my life, or who was around me at this moment, but I hate them, for sure.”

And while the Gerber baby smoking a joint might be really pointless and abstract, if you will, I kinda need to see it now… so Jelly, if you’re reading this, please tweet us a photo.

It’s also nearly impossible to imagine what he would look like without all of the ink, because like I said, they’ve become a signature part of his unique appearance.

He also recently chopped his signature mullet, so if he somehow got rid of the tattoos, hell, we might not even recognize him anymore…

And while it’s funny to hear him talk about all of that stuff in terms of his physical appearance, his impact goes far and beyond just relating to people who might look a little bit different.

After going in and out of the prison system as a teenager and young adult, the Nashville native has found a large audience within mainstream country music over the last several years, recently becoming the first artist to ever have the same song simultaneously be in the Top 10 of both the Country Airplay chart and Mainstream Rock Airplay chart with his current single “Need A Favor.”

Tattoos and mullet or not, Jelly Roll is here to stay… turn it up:

“Need A Favor”

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