Bald Eagle Mercilessly Decapitates Fish In Mid Air As It’s Flying

Bald Eagle
Mark Smith Photography

Right on the tail of 4th of July, we have this incredibly patriotic, gnarly, high-definition video of a bald eagle ripping a fish’s head clean off its body.

“And I’m proud to be an American

Where at least I know I’m free.”

Sorry, I know we were all thinking it, so I just had to put that out there. When you see a bald eagle doing basically anything, it really brings out the “U.S.A.” in all of us.

This particular bald eagle looks like it had just swooped down and caught a fish shortly before the camera started rolling. I’ve got to say, the stunning quality of this video adds to the overall enjoyment of the clip.

Seeing our nation’s bird tear the head off of a fish is pretty cool on its own, but seeing it practically in 4K is truly astonishing. It’s amazing that the big bird has the coordination to continue to fly through the air as it is doing all this too. Multitasking at its finest.

With its wings spread as wide as possible, occasionally flapping to keep riding the wind, the bald eagle tucks its head down towards its sharp talons where the fish rests within.

The majestic bird uses its sharp beak to dig into the top part of the fish, and as it still holds onto the back half with its feet, it violently rips its beak upwards and decapitates the small fish.

As it continues to rise into the sky, it throws back the head of the fish down into its gullet, having a “fast-food meal” if you will. After it finishes the top part of the fish, it reaches back down to its talons to retrieve the remains, then successfully eats what’s left in one fell swoop.

All while the thing is flying through the air and looking like a badass. Make sure to bookmark this article and save it for next year’s 4th of July festivities. This would be a great one to throw up on a projector somewhere near a fireworks show and put it on repeat.

And as you are about to watch this, may I warn you that whoever posted the footage put it to some sort of hard rock music mixed with a slight touch of EDM. If you aren’t a fan of either of those genres, I would recommend watching it on mute.


Find another device and sync it up with the classic Waylon Jennings song “America.” May I suggest starting this bald eagle video below, then firing up “America” at the 58 second mark? You can thank me later…

So here’s the best video of a bald eagle you’ll probably ever see:

And here’s the song “America” by Waylon Jennings, so that you can have both playing simultaneously:

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